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Classic Goa Trance basses/leads/FX recreated in modern software

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im not gonna lie, i was in shock. A recreation of the JD800 is something Ive been dreaming about since at least 2012. 

Then they made it in software earlier this year, and I was really hyped - but it requires a Pro membership to Roland Cloud so f that.

Then this came out last night and holy crap. What a dream to be alive. Yall better start making some old school 90s goa now, you got no reason not too, the JD800 is like the Father of goa trance or something. I will likely never afford it regardless of its very very accesible price of 400 dollars. Or at least that is what I could find so far- it seems not a price is really set yet? 

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Absolutely brutal sound for a digital one. I’m thinking of getting a NL1, only had the NL2 and NL3 long ago. When he demos the osc sync+FM it sounds instantly like some early Psysex or something from the Flying Rhino VA Air Born. I’ve been trying to recreate the characteristic squidgy nord lead sound on a couple of VA plugins. Sylenth gets close on some lfo fx sounds, and Dune quite close for HP leads. I don’t have the Disco DSP. Anyone found any other plugin that gets close filter wise?

I’ve managed to get about 70% "close" to the HP lead sound on Infected Mushroom - Return of The Shadows on Dune. The MS-20 plugin got quite close too. And my guess would be that IM were inspired by Hallucinogens MS-20 HP leads in Deranger.

Reason Europa can get really close to the Nord Lead sound as well I’ve found. Not strange considering it was coded by Peter Jubel who coded the original Nord Lead as well. :) It can sound very close to the Nord Lead 3 and Nord Modulars. The Karplus-strong physical modelling algo in particular is very interesting for plucked string/metallic FM sounds. It also has a Korg MS-20 filter emulation, very useful.


Very interesting in-depth Europa video with one of the Reason studios developers:


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Did anyone try this Nord Lead 2x emulation out in Reaktor?



Gonna try it out now, I really need some sync noise. :D From the video it sounds a bit less 3D than the original, but it will suffice I think. In the final part of the video he demos some more psy/noise type sounds. 

There's also this one:

And a couple others, not sure which one is best yet. The one by Stephan Becker is supposed to be good as well.


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