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Pleiadians - Pyramid

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Artist: Pleiadians
Title: Pyramid
Label: EtnicaNet
Date: November, 2019

1. New Dimension
2. Virtual Reality
3. Pyramid
4. Alien Artifact
5. X-Files (Pleiadians Remix)
6. Magnetic Fields
7. Spacecrafts
8. Cosmic Trigger


Oh come on.  Why would you do this? 


You guys are f*cking legends of old school goa trance.  There's you at the top and then... the rest.  You could spend your life playing the old stuff for hippie burn outs at any club you want.  Knee deep in 20 year old girls with daddy issues and an insatiable will to please.  Live on the beach and be drunk all day and eventually become a shaman.

I mean I get it.  You're artists.  You like to create and you still feel you have more to offer.  So who the hell am I to tell you to stop making new stuff.  Just because I don't like it I'm sure there are some psytrance fans can look past the tepid full-on bass lines and weak melodies.  Surely there will be people out there that will buy it just cause you slapped your moniker on it. 

Legendary artists like these are always in a sh*tty  no win position.  Keep doing what made you a sensation and they'll say you can't evolve.  Do something different and people will say, "Damnit, the old stuff was better."  But...wasn't the old stuff better than this?   It's like you jumped in a time machine and instead of going back to 1997 you said, "Aw f*ck it, 2004 had the Incredibles and Martha Stewart went to jail, it was lit!"

I even tried to pretend it wasn't you.  Like maybe if I take them out of the equation the music could stand on its own mer-


This is snoozetown.  Simple, uninteresting full-on.  But hey, I will never stop thanking you for IFO.

15E for a digital album. You're joking right?

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