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Ba'al - Rebellion [Goa '96 Records]

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AstralSphinx    49




Rebellion 7:27

Sacrilege 6:34

Irreligion 7:15

Hypocrites 6:40

Sanctification 6:24

Defiance 6:49

Corrupted Minds 6:17

Evocation 8:16

Deceiful Egos 7:17

Reverence 8:22


What better way to spend a rainy day, than to review some goa trance I haven't heard before. Going through some backlog, I've stumbled upon this album. Which fortunately is available online again to those who wish to expand their collection with some old school inspired neo-goa.

It contains some of Filipes best work to date, easily up there with the albums Circle Of Protection - Music From Ireland, Athenaia - Secret, Bunraku -  Arabian Nights and Lost Buddha - Untold Stories. The album is very emotional, melodic and hyper-oriental in its stylistic delivery, as we've come to expect with the goa works from this artist. The theme and artwork for the album sets the tone, with ideas sprung from the ancient levant tradition. Inviting the listener to a journey into a world of forgotten wisdom, replete with mysticism.

The album contains strong melodic hooks and lush pads throughout, complemented by energetic TB-303 bassline patterns. Which are carried by an infectious beat, delivered by the classical TR-909 repertoire+some fat nitzhonot kick drums. Compared with the artists other works, the album is most similar to the Athenaia - Secret album, in its tone and style. And it's commensurate to that album, both in terms of the melodic content and the overall inspired sensation it manage to convey.

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