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VA-The First Psychedelic Trip - Volume Two [Psydom Recordz]

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AstralSphinx    49




1–MPA - Anything To Say 9:15

2–Psyfullohms - NNdance 5:31

3–Mental Chip Vs Spectral Hades - Magical Killer 5:33

4–Minimoonstra - Waiting For Me 3:21

5–X-Action - Evolution 3:32

6–Smile And Fun - Ecologic 5:31

7–D.N.I - Simple Saw 7:30

8–Agressive Lines - Hyper Therapy 6:35

9–Subversive - ActivitySoldiers 9:08

10–B-Traxxx - Maximum Hz 6:06

11–Scrovinsky - Dew 6:10

12–Xdra - First Time 6:32

13–Astrancer - Mantrayana 9:06

[Review in progress]

Okey, here we have a selection of tracks, most of which aren't available anywhere. So I guess they didn't make an everlasting impact? This could of course also be due to rarity, a narrow distribution reach and because the label seems to have been active only during two years, between 2006 and 2008. Thus making the official time frame of availability rather limited. And therefore not necessarily because of bad tracks per se. There is one track however which managed to create ripples on the surface of the goa trance ocean, which is the reason as to why I'm making this review. Namely the track Mantrayana by none other than Astrancer, which luckily for us is readily available on youtube. This highlights a recurring issue with regards to availability of previously released digital media, be it free stuff or the paid variety. When it's not available anymore, it's often impossible to get a hold of a copy. As in the case with this compilation. Nevertheless, I'll make do with what we got,  and if anyone happens to have the complete compilation, feel free to message me so that I can make a full review. There isn't much info on discogs about how it was distributed, if it was a free compilation or if it was sold is not entirely clear. All we can tell is that it was available in a couple of different mp3 encoding settings. Ranging from:

5 × File, MP3, 128 kbps 
3 × File, MP3, 320 kbps 
2 × File, MP3, 192 kbps 
2 × File, MP3, 160 kbps 
File, MP3, 96 kbps 

It is interesting however when we take all of this into account, that Astrancer's Mantrayana track managed to get a life of it's own and propagate around the globe via youtube and other distribution channels. From listener to listener, it speaks volumes about the quality of this track. And also of course of the buzz and following that Astrancer managed to create with his early output, which was mostly shared for free on different social platforms like myspace, either as teasers or full tracks. And also featured on some free compilations like the now legendary Pyramidal Trancendence on Metapsychic Records. The track in focus for todays review session Astrancer - Mantrayana, is a euphoric rollercoaster of epic proportions. It's quite long for a goa tune, with a duration of around 9.20 minutes, and there even exist a longer remix of it that clocks in at 10.31 minutes. Despite its lenght, times flies by when you listen to it, as it is very uplifting and inspired. There is a plethora of things going on at once during it's peaks. And it never feels boring, it moves forward with a steady and clear vision, painting up a vivid landscape full of minute details to take in.

With Astrancer you mostly know what to expect stylewise when it comes to his goa trance, even if he likes to experiment and fuse goa with other genres as well. I would say that some characteristic hallmarks of Astrancer's sound by now, when it comes to his pure goa style, is a very airy atmosphere, that to my ears at least bears some resemblance to 80's music. Another reccuring element are those blippy kind of breakdance percussive synth lasers beats. Which could also be an 80's influence, as those were very in vouge back then. It could also be that it's inspired by some of the percussive blippy synthesizer sounds, that appear on the Miranda - Northern Lights Album, more specifically in the track Gnocchi Remix in the break at 03.13. 


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