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Astrancer-Archons (teaser)

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AstralSphinx    73

So does anyone here know where this track will be released? It sounds amazing! I think the synth lead melody, sounds a lot like uplifting/nitzhonot. It has that victorious feeling, a bit like Holymen or Eyal Barkan. The flute lead melody is great as well, very vivid and expressive eastern sensibility. I just can't stop dancing when I listen to this track in a loop.:wub: This could very well be the next step in the Nitzho-Goa evolution. The production is crisp, and the themes and style are well executed.

The track Ain Soph sounds stellar as well, it's his most driving track I've heard so far, almost like something out of Mindsphere's Inner Cyclone album, perhaps Koilon has a bit of this same drive when I think about.


I think an Astrancer album is long overdue, and I don't quite understand why he has released so much tracks on compilations instead of saving them for an album. He has lots of quality tracks for sure. Already back in 2006 when Pyramidal Trancendence was released, Astrancers style and sound stood out. And I think he should have made an album back then, his style was ready.

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