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Spintribe - Zephyr EP


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Artist: Spintribe
Title: Zephyr EP
Label: Digital Diamonds
Date: April 24, 2020

1. Zephyr
2. Oizo
3. Zypher (LAVR Remix)

Zephyr: Progressive rhythms pick this track up from the get go, with kick drums cracks like a whip, this is a song for the big speakers. Zephyr officially becomes a good track at the 4:30 mark when the 'i'm gonna make you move' leads fill every unused space on the dancefloor

Oizo: "Ouue" + "Zo" - Starting off smack bang in the middle of funk town Oizo is not just a fun song to pronounce. The kick drums sounds like it belongs to an Instagram influencers derrière, bouncing a coin off baby wouldn't be a problem. While that's going on the percussion is a straight up sex-bomb under a 5G tower; molecules are vibrating all over this mutha. Definitely my favourite on the EP.

 Zephyr (LAVR Remix) drops the mood and gets right into the business of big and heavy stuff. The added psychedelia, slices of metallica and big 4:30 build sprout the remix into a big beautiful P. Cubensis with little forest faeries raving on top of it. If you combined the remixes engaging first half and the originals acid drop of a last half you'd have yourself a masterpiece.


A digital gem from Digital Diamonds. Spintribe & LAVR bring a little excitement to my day with a 3 drops of mood filled with funk spread all over groovy rhythms. 



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