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few questions for you vinyl heads.

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as a noob on this, i thought id ask here.

What does it sound like when


a) azimuth isnt correctly set

b) cartridge is not aligned properly

c) too much stylus pressure

d) too little stylus pressure

e) worn out record grooves

f) too little Anti Skating / too much Anti Skating



I think i know how D sounds like; it is very crackly and the S sounds are sibilant and somewhat distorted. And I think also too much pressure means there will be more bass, but dont know how the distortions sounds like in this case.

Since I only own shitty records so far that has alot of wear and tear I cant really know for sure what is what; and knowing what types of issues causes what types of change in sound - it will be easier for me to rule out one or another :)



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