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Philosophical movies (wanted): SF or fairy tale (wanted)

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I'd like to use my time also to watch some movies.

I'd love to see - as the title suggested - Philosophical movies within the  SF or fairy tale genres.
I'll drop some names to give you a hint to what I'm looking for (not horror):

1. The Dark Cristal,

2. Erik the Viking,

3. The Last Starfighter,

4. Lawnmower man,

5. Total recall,

6. Dark Star,

7. Dune,

8. A Space Odyssey (2001),


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Edit: +1 for Donnie Darko, Pan's Labyrinth and Dark City (especially Donnie Darko, given the requirement for being philosophical).

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how could i feorget that cutie...

an absulute Masterpiece.

If you are interested in Shows:

My absolute favorite Show...you will laugh, cry and being afraid af. Some Episodes are the most intense shit i have ever seen. 

(The Trailer is shitty btw...if you dont know it already then WATCH IT!)


And Maybe That one too if you are interested in Animation:

There is also Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Perfect Blue, Paprika....just google Mindfuck Anime :)

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