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this fool seeks to promote his latest project, the


All music by Astral Projection, playlist & mix by Torsten Eboga (author of this post).

Part I

1 Y-Salem
2 Celestial Groove
3 Innovation
4 Enlightened Evolution
5 Ionised
6 Flying Into A Star
7 Visions of Nasca
8 People Can Fly
9 Anything Is Possible
10 Searching For UFOs
11 Soundform
12 Kabalah

13 Dancing Galaxy / Ambient Galaxy
14 Aurora Borealis
15 Liquid Sun
16 Another World
17 Maian Dream
18 The Sleeper Must Awaken
19 Mahadeva '99

Part III [2:12:44]

20 Still On Mars
21 Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen)
22 Electronic

Part II [2:35:00]

23 12.000 Suns
24 The Nexus
25 Life On Mars
26 Black & White
27 Let There Be Light
28 Tryptomine Dream
29 Electric Blue
30 Aqua Line Spirit
31 Free Tibet
32 Power Gen

33 Mahadeva

Thank you and enjoy!


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