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Artist: The Schmitt Show
Title: Teonanactyl
Label: Sundance Records
Release: September 17, 2018

Hey guy 

Welcome back to the review. Today we have to talk about something serious, but first a word from our sponsor NordVPN

*'VPN Good'*

Ok excellent now lets look what we have here. It’s Schmitt


No not that Schmidt

Yes that’s right, Ezekial Schmitt, teaming up with Sundance records who have heard the complaints from the masses ‘Bring back melodic psytrance’

Now if you’re into that kind of thing then this thing is going to be your thing.


Dragon’s Blood is why, a great way to start off a lil ep. Mmmmm feel the Schmitt. Super grooving rhomper that is just as many parts melodic psychedelic tech as it is trance. Boom. Things come and go, nothing gets stale and the buddumbabum of the drums are syncopated as.

In A Trance is also why, why, not for it’s super solid production, and wavy leads, but also for it’s proper trance like rhythm. The wavy melody does what waves do, big waves though, shooting up and down. The zippity synth keeps things light and the talky sample is hot hot hot. So is the hymning. So is everything. Clean.

Of The Forest isn’t here to watch moss grow. At only 5:54 there isn’t time for that, still time for an intro though, bellisimo. Coming in with roaring leads from the get go. Somehow minutes feel like more minutes, this certainly does not have the feel of a long Katy Perry song. Schmitt gets the job done in the allocated time and doesn’t miss a beat. The final raw melody sounds familiar, I wonder if it’s from a goa track (And Visa-Versa) or if I just recognize it from a previous listen to this song. No shade, it works wonders.

Schuman, get it, like the Schuman show. But more oriental than white middle class American tv. More hymning takes you deep, with darkness just waiting in the depths. It comes out to play for a bit before some crazy layers stack up and hit home.

I came of the new Shpongle Static release to this and hardly noticed a drop in production cleanliness. This EP isn’t growing any bacteria fast. Songs build and drop, slap you with a melody, build and drop. A great Jab-Straight-Uppercut combo that works around and around.

I think this is a great release and well worth many’s time




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