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So Psysex has released a new album. Being a huge fan of their Expressions Of Rage album, which I think was a defining psychedelic trance album in 1999. I'm always curious to hear what Psysex might bring to the table. I'm not sure who did what in the studio during their Expressions Of Rage era, but perhaps Yoni Oshrat's ideas, was integral to the unique sound of the early output from Psysex.

I will not go into any deeper details regarding the tracks yet, as they didn't pull me in. On a very first brief listening/skipping through the tracks. It sounds more like dark-psy? The production is very crisp though, who knows it might grow on me after a couple of more focused listening session.

I do like the album cover, it continues the good twisted humor, which was very typical for the artwork on some of their previous albums. It features the late Albert Hofmann, browsing through the latest psy-trance vinyls. With his famous bicycle lying outside. There appears to be some funky acid graffiti on a wall. And a UFO-fleet beaming up or down some crew members. Perhaps they heard the news of the new album release, and decided to pay a visit to planet earth.

Or perhaps they came and dropped the new album off :D 


*edit* now listening more focused. The track Light Code is reminiscent of the style on Expressions Of Rage, but darker. The bassline is groovy and playful in that track, but there's also some tracks with dark-psyish basslines. Those were not as good for my taste.




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