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Psylicious Radio presents: Auricle - Protonica - Meghan


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Psylicious Radio presents: Auricle - Protonica - Meghan

Welcome to the first Radio Show of 2020, New Year wishes to all our listeners old and new.
We welcome back onto the show Protonica who have featured on past shows in our earlier years.
Your listening to Psylicious Radio, Enjoy!

Listen to the show:CLICK HERE

Radio Show Schedule & Info

Auricle is an established and respected DJ within the Australian and International psychedelic
trance scene; having launched herself as a Psytrance DJ in 2004 with her International debut
in the same year in Hong Kong for Sonic Dragon!

Info & Bookings: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Mixcloud: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here

Protonica are Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze from Berlin, Germany. With Piet's intuition for
harmonies as a skilled pianist and certified sound designer Ralf's feeling for propulsive grooves,
Protonica deliver you their very own positive pulsing sound - a blend of psychedelic and progressive

Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here
Youtube: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here

Meghan’s diverse style, coupled with unique mixing ability, along with both indoor and outdoor event
experience, ensures that she is certainly a DJ who is rising steadily to the forefront of the USA
Psytrance scene.

Info & Bookings: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here

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