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Hello world

this posting shall explain how the Psynews.ORG Youtube Channel and this forum work together

channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEL2jqG4EqNfBJBeCgE91w

first of all, all forum rules always apply also in this sub-forum, please read those rules first if you are new ... go there for example to read them: https://www.psynews.org/forums/forum/2-general-psytrance/#elForumRules

the point of this sub-forum is for you members to make suggestions for content: playlists, member interviews (volunteers wanted), tracks, production workshops ("masterclasses" in newspeak :) ) or even recording making psychedelic art ... whatever is on your mind, feel free to share it here ... got some ideas? Make a thread!

You can also use this forum to give us feedback on videos. If there is not already a thread for a video you want to make feedback or discuss, you may craete one. But please create one thread for each video (series) only!

announcements for videos and other channel news will be mainly communicated on YouTube
please subscribe there if you want to stay up to date

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An idea, wouldn't it be nice if the interview section on this forum was updated with youtube interviews? To complement the written reviews, if it's with an artist/group who has already been interviewed. And to add new entries with artists/groups that haven't previously been interviewed. And then add written interviews as well later on as well to those.

Someone who attents/plays at this summers festivals could interview some artists. :) I would for example find it interesting with fresh new interviews with the veterans of goa trance. To complement their old interviews. 


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Hi ... just to let you know, the channel is not dead ... new video has just been uploaded ... why so long? well, I had a few things that kept me off uploading, such as catching Covid, getting a new PC ... and so forth :D

Artist interviews would be super cool - if we had anybody that did them :D ... seriously though, I don't think there's going to be any if there's no help, because even if I can shake hands with artists on parties occasionally, interviewing them is a wholly different caliber...

I won't be shy to ask though. It's a good input :)



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Yeah, the interview section would benefit as well from some fresh interviews. Last interview was added a year ago. :) Besides interviews with new artists/labels/DJ's, I think it would be interesting with new interviews with those artists that were interviewed a long while ago. To see what they are up to now, if they are still active that is. Many of the interviews are from around 2006, obviously the scene has changed a lot since then.

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