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The new Pleiadians is a real suprise for me!

It`s Maurizios best work since the 99 release "Hell`s Kitchen",far better than anything they produced since Carlo(:+1:) and Andrea left the Band.

Ok,it's not Goa,but the melody work is great and the production superb.

My personal 2019 favourite besides JaraLuca and Median Project.

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@BASS-O-MATIC -- Thanks for telling us about this release. I wasn't aware of it before. I like the visionary, cyber/futuristic approach and yes, let's enjoy it for what it is. The new album is psytrance, not Goa.

The first track (New Dimension) has some catchy elements. Same with the second, though the six minute climax could have been more expansive and fulfilling. The third track is okay. Track 4 (Alien Artifact) builds to a catchy part halfway through that put a smile on my face. I just wish the last act topped it. Track 5 (X-Files - Pleiadians RMX) is cool, like a party (psytrance for nightclub) track. Track 7 (Space Crafts) showcases some tight synth work and development, though it could have ended slightly sooner IMO.

I'm curious to see the community's response in a review thread. I'm still processing what I think of the album. While I miss the phenomenal work of I.F.O., and wish that the four (now two) meastros would reunite for another super Goa album on THAT level through Suntrip or Cronami, it's nice to see them producing quality tracks all this while later, even if it's nothing groundbreaking. Although I would have loved even more euphoric sound/melody work, they still know how to incorporate a winning synth around psy-scapes, rough textures, and atmosphere.

Stream the FULL ALBUM here


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The first track has a really solid old school feel to it. Kinda suprised about that :)

It’s not mindblowing but not bad either. The first part starts of very good, with some really nice classical goa soundcapes. It perhaps loses momentum a bit after a while, and would benefit from a more elevated second half. That beeing said, this is certainly a track that would work good on a dancefloor or outdoor party. Like an intro song, before the more euphoric tracks. Or perhaps to end a set.


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Anyone knows who wrote this release/promo description to the album?

"The long-awaited, new album by Ibiza-based Italian duo, Pleiadians: “Pyramid”, is finally here. The newest in an already illustrious sequence of albums (from the ground breaking, era-defining 1997 debut album “IFO” to their immense sophomore outing “Family of Light” in 1999 and the more recent, contemporary gem “Seven Sisters”), “Pyramid” shows a duo still at the top of their game, incessantly refining and evolving their sound. 

Slick arrangements and exquisitely evocative melodies segue through in this sci-fi imbued, 8-track journey of timeless, interstellar psytrance - punctuated with contemporary sonic flexing as well as more nostalgic utterances & allusions. 

With the albums produced under their Etnica moniker, Max and Maurizio have produced to date more than 10 artist albums, if you count “Tetrahedron”). 

“Pyramid” is a bulletproof sonic alloy that storytells & celebrates an ongoing artistic journey (spanning 3 decades), blending genre-defining old school masterstrokes with futuristic, utterly contemporary audio sleights of hand - all majestically sheathed into the elegant, trademark blast savviness of Pleiadians."

I think it's very witty and it makes it fun/engaging to read. It reminds me a bit of the review style that member Rino had here on psynews. Do the labels pay someone to write promo stuff like this, or is it the labels themselves who write it?  :)

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