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Psychedelic Superbeast

Occultism and allusions to the Apocalypse in audiovisual entertainment

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I am a human who is interested in almost everything. Even in People who are Bad...the last years i notice messages from Music, Games, Movies that are all about the End of the World. You dont have to be a depressed Gaylord to notice that. We get this messages maybe for more then 50 years now(or 2000+ years?)....just look on the music covers, texts, videos. Specially Goa covers. Also you can see the Apocalypse in all of the "Psychedelia" like stoner Rock, DOOM metal, Space/Progressive Rock. But the last years it got more intense and there is a pattern. 

I noticed by myselfe some of the occult stuff in music industry and a strange love to the post apocalypse but after i watched the videos of this guy my whole point of view changed or maybe expanded.

If you are interested watch this video and his other stuff if you want. To get the Groove...you know.

I mean some one like Madona is the almost perfect example of a witch...she also want to be one. Witchcraft is a process of the most possible perfection.

Out of this deep perfection arises Magic that is possible to bend Reality. If you want to make an awesome magical track with an own soul and inner life you have to combine the right things in the right amount and pattern. This Perfection is creating absolutely classic art that feels like an own living being. Magical tracks are comunicating with you while you hear them...like a sonic lifeform.


So yeah, i want to ask you to send here Occult Magical Music, Movies, Games. Art where you feel the Witchcraft...even if its "Evil".

I am sure that we will find pattern and a Red Thread in our entertainment industry. Maybe we will then understand "WHY???"

Why they want an End or induce an End in our Brain...? Some sort of Global Mindcontrol?


thats only two examples...there are thousends! BTW i am really posessed by Frozen. Very strong stuff...

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some examples...here you will find clear allusions of: plasma apocalypse, white space/perlcent space, Kaballah, Tree of Life, Freemason Symbolic, Earth Magnetic Field, Bible, Phantasoids, Portals, Transhumanism, Electric Universe, Aliens, Global Elite

Thats some "Wicked" stuff if you think about it. If you know what all of this topics mean you can even combine the topics and get even more horrific stuff out of that.







I actually analysed One, because its maybe my favorite late Goa compilation and i have a strong connection to this CD:

This Picture with the forms and colors is not just random! Nothing is Random in Music and Art. Nothing is Random in Magic and Occultism!


Its a long story but i will make it short. This Picture represents the Chakra powers of an Air elemental person in Zodiak(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Its not councident that it is called "AIR BORNE".

The Air elementals are represented in Green colour, so is the Heart chakra represented in Green. I am Libra and i know by myselfe that my Heart qualities are the strongest on pair with the third eye qualities wich are reporesented in purple. This full cover is dominated by Green and Purple. The Letters are in Green...Inbetween you have a Yellow "sequence" wich represents the Manipura Chakra(Willpower) of The Air Zodiacs. Air Elementals are not constant/straight in Willpower and it varies strong from day to day. Sometimes a Fire Burst and Sometimes an weak small candle that is near a suicide. I hope that you dont think that i am crazy...i am sure the other covers are same deep like Air Borne. There is far more to tell about this Cover and how it fits to a Libra. Maybe the creator of it was an Air Element or an Occultist...




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