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Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent (Suntrip Records) now released! :)

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Dear Suntrippy goa-trance lovers!
4 Years after their debut, we finally released the second album of Celestial Intelligence, Incandescent!! :)
Their music is all about... melodies! Spiralling, euphoric, harmonic, morning-goa-trance to bone! :) Enjoy and please support the artist if you like the music!! :) <3 


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3 hours ago, Mallenaut said:

Ni ce, I remember that their first album was the very first CD I ever bought of all the SUntrip releases.

Nice, you were a bit addicted after that :D 

Anyway, its on youtube as well now (but please, buy if you like!) :) 



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1001 Reasons 


Deja Vu 


Thats very very good Goa Trance!

Deja Vu reminds me of the Track "Ra - Time Current" a little (some melody parts)...maybe thats because Celestial called it DEJA VU :)

I wish this Guys all the best. Glowing Hearts 4 Ever!


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