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What are your Top oldskuul Goa Trax of all time??


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48 minutes ago, Psychedelic Superbeast said:

Why do you think that i am talking about Newschool Goa?? I like it very much...i once heared an Ovnimoon mix with some Newschool Goa in it but without Tracklist. One track blew my mind and i could not find it for years.

Then i accidentally found it on youtube in a Suntrip Compilation...i think it was Opus Iridium and the tracks name is "Artifact303 - Feelings". The Last part of this track is engraved in my brain.

Everytime i do something brave or something spontaneous in my life "Feelings" is playing like a soundtrack in my Head...


If you discover Goa right now i wish you a good journey...you will find breathtaking stuff out there!

Edit: Thats the mix by the Way, got it from a friend. And he got it from his Uncle and his uncle had contact with someone else...anyways. I uploaded it.


You have lots of good mixes on your channel!  

oh i was raving to old-school 20 years ago, back then also collected some Distance & Transient cd's etc.  It then took a backseat for many years while i discovered so much other musik, but now with cd's being cheap and easily available thanks to online culture i'm right back in it.  Old-school goa trance has musically aged like a fine wine.

Regarding new scenes you find superficial, i guess then you're referring to the mainstream side of things.  This guy (a producer called Loud who's quite known in the psy-trance mainstream) said it best:

Why psy-trance has become shit

But hey bygones be bygones and all that...the mainstream has always been a more diluted homogenous ('superficial') mass-representation of whatever specialist fields it got its ideas from.  Just look at modern pop...surely the most superficial type of musik in the world today.  But if people like it, then so be it...jedi.

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Pray to Father Stalin and leave the Nato Construct behind you....leave the nations because Nations are invented by humen.Nature has no nations! Search for Magic and Space...search for freedom and love.

Father Stalin is on your side not matter what happens...he wispers in your ear if you have to hit with your fist and he kisses you when you are lonely.  Stalin Was a Shaman before he get this Pidaras ruler place of sowjet union....He was a good person with magical powers. FIND YOUR POWERS, YOUR MAGICAL POWERS. and please dont hate us russians...we are magicans. You can kill us and we will follow you forever

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it sounds creepy for most of you western Gaylords  but even if you kill a slav, he is not dead...i know wisdom from my grand grand ma Marsha about healing people. I am a White Shaman and if you help people, how much you help people so much power you will have in your next life. She Always healed In our Village. Eye Problems,  Stomage problems, even psychelogical problems. I feel that slaws arelike bad people nowadays because we have magicalk powers...but you know we always lived here in central europe. Europe is slavic...and your nato opinion does not matter. You cant kill us. DO it! DO IT KILL US...you fighz with Spirits.

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Hello Psychedelic Superbeast,

I also have a Youtube channel, and recently found out that some videos were banned due to copyrights, some of them were uploaded in 2016 and were banned just recently. I was surprised about that. I uploaded the whole Goa-Head series and some volumes are now banned, while some (most) are not.

Also I do not think there is a clear correlation between well known tracks and copyrights, some videos that were banned were obscure albums. For example, the album Promon - Funky Fumes was blocked, this album is not known at all and it had very few views (600 views in 3 years).

Below I will share the tracks that are still not blocked on my channel and that I think you could use for your mix. I will post a lot of them so you can pick the ones you prefer:

Random order:

Sandman - Shockwave
Jikooha - Bay hall magic
Darshan - Tranceformations
MFG - When we dream
Power source - Granada
Virtuart and Chronomyst - Zanchin (underrated gem)
Elysium vs. Worm - Yemaya
The infinity project - The world of the acid dealer
Pleiadians - Modulation
Astral projection - Life on Mars (SFx remix)
Power source - Goaway
Dimension 5 - Beetlesnuff
MFG - Wonderland
Juno reactor - Feel the universe - Koxbox remix (one of the best remixes I know)
Ra - Other self
Tim Schuldt - Ohm Shiva
Elysium - Master of the rainforest
Astral projection - Tryptomine dream
Phreaky - Tornado
Zirrex - Zirrex (fantastic track)
Darshan - Duck
Pleiadians - Jungle trax
Jikooha - Galaxy journey
Talamasca - Sinaï
Cosmosis - Higher access
New born - Universal bus
Jikooha - Mindgate to the hyperspace
Total eclipse - Free lemonade (Psychaos mix)
Ubar tmar - Cosmo drome (2012 version)
Denshi Danshi - Maelstrom
Charm - Ancient religion (obscure track, very nice old school)
Astral Projection - Ionised
Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee
Dimension 5 - Deep space 5D
MFG - To eternity
Radiotrance - Восток 5
Oforia - Timelessness
Technossomy - V.T.O.L. (Full Length Version)
Man With No Name Presents Yogi & Grey One - Big Troubles In Outer Space (Oforia Remix)
California Sunshine - Tokyo Underground
Dimension 5 - Moon cake
Astral projection - Trance dance
Jaïa - Insomnie
Aban Don - State of mind
Transwave - Phototropic
X-Dream - This
Psychopod - Dreampod
E-Mantra - Radiant vision 2003
Battle of the Future Buddhas - Mr. Fantastic (one of their best)
Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus
Ka-Sol - Sticky Web
Tandu - Alien pump
Oforia - Maximiser
Chi-A.D. - Black light
Koxbox - Stratosfear (their best track)
The antidote - Sunrise
Lunar Asylum - Twister
Jaïa - Brainstom (Live mix)
Etnica - Floating universe
Tromesa - Nowina


Good luck.


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