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V/A - Digital Breed Vol. 5: Vital Components


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Label: MMD Records

Country: South Africa

Released: 12 Sep 2019

Style: Psy-Trance, Night Fullon




1. Xatrik - Vibe 07:36

2. Rubix Qube - DNA of the Universe 07:05

3. WaveFunktion - Creatures of the Night 07:19

4. Omega Flight vs. NRS - Kevin Bacon (Omega Flight RMX) 08:22

5. Jhesha - Hypnogogeo 08:16

6. Synthetic Alkaloid - Hear No Evil 06:40

7. Contrast - Timeshifter 05:31

8. Shift vs. Tryambaka - Save the Rave 06:57

9. Speedball - The Sound of the Universe 08:43

10. Stack Rack - Aeons 08:21

11. Parana - Enter Sandman (Tribute Mix) 07:13




5. Jhesha - Hypnogogeo 08:16

This track starts off in a pretty mundane night psy fashion, but the heat keeps rising step by step. The last third of the track is genuinely good and really provides the sense of completion and satisfaction. That's where all the juices flow down.


9. Speedball - The Sound of the Universe 08:43

Here is the most powerful and musically meaningful track on the compilation. It's almost perfect from beginning to an end, an ideal dancefloor tool. If you hear this in the middle of the night in a club or in a forest, you'll be smitten (in a good way :))


10. Stack Rack - Aeons 08:21

Not as powerful as the previous track, but it holds really well as a companion piece. There is some energy loss in the middle of the track, but then it catches up with some intense synths that sound really, really good.


Honorable mention:


4. Omega Flight vs. NRS - Kevin Bacon (Omega Flight RMX) 08:22

I wouldn't say this is one of the best tracks on the comp, but it's definitely better than the rest. It's what you would call a functional piece that rides the waves in a very calculated manner. If it were a bit more dynamic, I'd put it in the list above. But it's still good, just not as good.


Rating: 3.5/5


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