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Anybody knows what's the deal with Sixsense?


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I've been browsing Discogs for new releases and stumbled upon this producer named Sixsense.


You can see that in 2018 he released 7 albums, and this year he already managed to release two albums.

I mean how in the world is it possible to not only produce so much music, but also be able to release it officially?

Is he a genius or is it some kind of a scam?

I would love to know what's up, if anybody has any intelligence.

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He claims Infected Mushroom stole Flamingo from him.

And the release quantum, might be inspired from this viking? https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com (all released in a years time, but made in 7 years...)


Six Sense is a close buddy with Vimana Shastra from Oslo, Norway, you see... They have projects together like Phalarix. Vimana Shastra will be released on this old baby https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/track/vimana-shastra-tura

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33 minutes ago, psytones said:

(all released in a years time, but made in 7 years...)

So he accumulated all that music and released it now. Ok, it makes sense.

Still, that's a massive archive of music, almost unnatural. :blink:

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Well specific about Sixsense I donno.. He is reachable on Facebbok, I can ask I anyway actually need to ask him about something else (remix of Merge, a track by Aion feat. Vimana Shastra .. Kailum has already remixed it. It will most prob be released on Spiral Trax, legendary label bought up by the steadfast Geomagnetic umbrella *insert Rihanna*

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