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Good afternoon PsyNews :)

Today we would like to announce the release of the 3rd album of a polish goa trance / psytrance music producer - Łukasz Zając aka. JaraLuca. To be released in digital version by Mamomam Records.
8 full power tracks will come out at 01.10.2019!! If anyone wonders why only digital the answer is simple - people don't buy CD's as much as labels wish them to
Samples should come very soon Album will be released on all music platforms.

Cover Art - Sati

Stay Tuned !






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Tracklist :

1. The Prime Time 145 bpm
2. Ego Structures 145 bpm
3. Mechanotronic 147 bpm
4. The Prologue 145 bpm
5. Pendulum 145 bpm
6. The Micrograms 147 bpm
7. Awareness 147 bpm
8. Artha – DNA (JaraLuca Remix) 148 bpm

All tracks written, produced and mastered by Lukasz Zajac ( except track 8 oryginaly written by Michal Baczek )

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Hi there! 


First of all would be fine to mention that typing these words might be described as my resurrection as it was indeed a looong while ago (tens of months, even might be considered as years), I was reading this forum. :) 

Today I've bumped into this album preview and here are my couple of thoughts... I have to admit that in first few seconds I was afraid, that there is quite high probability that the album will be similar as tons of records before. You know that feeling - hit the play button and after couple of moments started to thinking where that track you have heard before. Or another case - resemble to something/someone else. Naturally this mindset is being fed by fact that I've stopped listening to goa or psy in that timeframe while it tends to happen. Or i was more focusing on this phenomenon... At the end of the day I am very happy for a chance listening to this one as it seems that this is finally what was missing at this scene! Tracks with spread bass, quite juicy leads, hypnotic rhythms what will make you a stomper wildly shaking hands, sweetly swinging the body and smiling AF. Combination of biting acid lines fed by own filter modulations cooperating with well detailed and precisely placed soundscapes are intensifying your sound trip to unexpected boundaries. Honestly said - who would need some "additive / supplement" for increasing endorphine amount when you have this dancefloor destroyer?! Oh c'mon! Smash that play button, turn up the volume and let's fly on the wave straight out of this world! :)

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I instantly bought it yesterday and from the beginning unti the end it blew my mind. The first three tracks are already bangers. If I would describe this album in a word I would say it's orgasmic! You can see how JaraLuca has improved his skills and style since the last album.

My favourite album in 2019 so far.

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