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Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun


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Suntrip records, 2019.

1. The Crane  8:39
2. Kraftpaket  8:48
3. Faster Than Light (Wormhole Edit)  7:07
4. The Elite  8:20
5. Barbed Cotton  9:41
6. Ghost  8:04
7. Life Behind The Sun  8:16
8. Disco Valley  8:40
9. Tenderlion  8:02

Battle of the future Buddhas release their 7th album. First thing we can notice is that the dirty sound is gone :) Instead, the iconic Swedish band delivers a nice polished sound, clearly morning oriented but also with some (rare) dark touch. It's clear from the get-go that the tracks are "inspired by the music played on the beaches of Goa in the early 90s". 
The tempo is slower than usual, it's acidic and melodic, very danceable and it includes some key changes here and there. As often with these guys, intros are almost non existent which is good for quick mixing and makes it interesting for dance-floors without a doubt. 
Also, even though the style is different to what we were used to hear from Battle of the future Buddhas, the signature synths and occasional distortion are still present. The rhythm used is more reminiscent of the slower tracks released in the album Demonoizer. 

The most inspiring tracks have to be #2, #4, #5 and #6, but I did not find any weak track there.
The Elite is deep and hypnotic Goa trance at its best. Barbed Cotton is in my opinion the most accomplished composition, it contains more twists, it's less linear than the previous tracks and it ends with a very intense melodic climax!
Ghost almost has a clubbish feel, yes funny to say when we know the past output of this band :)
To sum up in a few words, this is an unexpected morning Goa trance album from the Swedes, more conventional this time but very interesting nonetheless.

Rating: 7.5/10.

Listen / Buy: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/battle-of-the-future-buddhas-the-light-behind-the-sun 

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And its nothing like you heard of them before!

I consider this but an ad slogan, because this album is definitely 100% Battle Buddha material as I know and love it. And this is actually very good news, I wouldn't want it any other way! If you like Buddha's sinister-ish melodic tracks, there's more where that came from, and it's found on this album! :D

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One of the few genuine Goa albums of 2019. What makes this album stand out for me is its elegant simplicity. It reminds me of Electric Universe's "One Love", for just one example, in its refusal of manic layering, the weakness in my view of much nu Goa, and goes for a relatively simple sound with plenty of space and time for each sound and idea to evolve. This encourages true trance and spaciness, inner and outer. Buddhas keep some of their signature darkness and roughness, evident here in some melancholic and sinister feelings, but this is a slower and more melodic album than much of their previous output. To put this same point another way, some of the melodies are of the Scando forest troll gonzo style, jaunty little pixilated motifs full of cheeky and playful Loki spirit; but the album as a whole is far from their heavier or rougher psytrance albums. The recording is also worth a mention I think: there's a deliciously velvety black background to the colourful sounds that are used which adds to the spacey effect. Finally, there are some really slick beats and percussion on this album, with nary a full on beat or bassline in sight. Recommended! ~*~

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Nice characterization of the album, DoktorG. :)

Seen objectively its a good album with a lot of ideas in sounddesign, composition and percussive work. Battle Of The Future Buddhas masters of their craft.

But in the end, it doesnt catch me that much.

I feel boring, if i listen to the whole album. I think the sound design is too similar within "The Light Behind The Sun". There are alot of good composition, but to low progression within the tracks. The suspense can't beeing held.
In compare to "One Love": "One Love" has this one significant composition, this one significant strong melody, which hold the whole track, without the track gets boring. This is missing here. But Electric Universe has in detail another style of Goa.
The other darker album, which was released by Suntrip, was "Fairytale" by Ka Sol. I think its the better one. The tracks has more varity in sound design. And ok, "Fairytale" goes another way, its harder, has more energy and its more a compilation of tracks by Ka Sol as an album with one story. The question here is, works music for an album better, if the music on the album is of one piece? Maybe it would be better albums like "The Light Behind The Sun" would be shorter, not 80 minutes, but 50-60 minutes?

Nevertheless "The Light Behind The Sun" has two strong tracks, that I keep in mind. The first track "The Crane" with his roughness, with the acidsounds, the dark glimmering atmosphere and this really interesseting sample of a mechanic robotic chanticleer. The second one is "Ghost", which has a really strong melody @2:08min, a nice spooky atmosphere and progression. :)

At the end "The Light Behind The Sun" is a solid album. And I would give it a 6,5/10.

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Wow what a nice surprise! Polished BotFB with their characteristic twisted forest melodies. Not in your face, but always present and peeking at you from behind the trees :) This is not lofi Schlabbaduerst, but a slightly toned down Twin Sharkfins with a lot of interesting sound design and rhythms. It's great when you can blind play an album and guess exactly who the artist is, but still find something fresh in it.  Highly recommended.

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Every time listening it gets better and better. After 4 or 5 times I can say, it is really good Goatrance. From start to finish very good - all songs. Production quality is very good. Not ultra sharp, more warm, therefore perfect for a psychedelic journey.


I dont know their old albums, so I dont compare.

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Hmmm....I liked the deep growling of The Crane.

Kraftpacket is bombastic and for me the best track on the album.

The title track is pretty good.  Bouncy melody, shimmery acid sound...

Tenderloin is also pure goa goodness.

But the rest?  Meh.  Gone is the raw, unbridled assault that we are used to from this project.  The pace is also slower which in itself is fine.  I consider this Buddha lite and perhaps that's just a side effect of getting older.  Can't be balls to the wall your entire life.  In the end it's a decent album without being great.

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