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favorite track from your (current) top 10

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i certainly like these topics..  i love to see what people write down, and to recognise music you also love. or give you brand new artists/tracks to discover. Its a cool thing to see.

and i also know its human nature to write lists so please, have fun.




so my intention was to create a list that has 10 tracks, each with an artist you think is worthy of belonging in a top 10. I realise you probably have 50 artists you wanna put there (I do). So just make it a recent list, or whatever your memory comes up with.

and by favorite i dont mean the best. So it can be that quirky track that noone likes but you. Or whatever.  or it IS the best one. dont matter.

Just dont use the same tracks as those in the top 3 from top 3 topic <_<



no inbound order btw!

1. Man With No Name - Quietman - The sleeper remix (Axis Flip still the best )

2. Cosmosis - Moonshine

3. Infected Mushroom - Spaniard

4. Filteria - Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Remix)

5. Artifact303 - For a better world

6. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Klunk

7. Astral Projection - The Nexus

8. Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist (the single best progressive trance track there is B))

9. California Sunshine - Tokyo Underground

10. Blue Planet Corporation - Alidade


I put the one in Bold letters as the best one in the list.. so please do that too, i think it adds another layer into it :)

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yerg    8

ok, I'll put here a list of tracks I've been listenning and enjoying the most this summer

in no particular order:

Man With No Name - Tarantula (always loved the EMTS album, but almost never payed too much attention to its second half. lately I've decided to change that and listened exclusively to the second half of it, and hey, what a surprise, it's really really good :D)

Procs - Open Up (from the first YggdraSounds comp. I venture into the dark territory from time to time and this track by Proc is exceptionally well done)

Juno Reactor - Return of the Pistolero (I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of Ben's latest stuff, but gosh this new iteration of Pistolero is good. what a master)

Hallucinogen - Spiritual Antiseptic (one of the most obscure productions by Simon, still a fantastic track even today)

Ka-Sol - Greenbuttskunk (I never really liked the Fairy Tale, but Ghost Story is indeed a very different story. the album flows so well, and this track is just acid madness. love it)

JBC Arkadii - Invisible Floating Rays (this is my latest discovery. the whole new album is pretty freaking great, but this track is just bonkers good)

MFG - Sunshine (again got to be honest, I hated Project Genesis, too dissonant for my taste, but Sunshine is a goa masterpiece, the only great track on the album IMO)

Digicult - Awaken The Dream (just a pretty, fluffy, and a very nostalgic track for me personally)

Consept Lightwork - Constant Channeling (master class at goa trance production techniques)

Clementz - A Dream About Saturn (from the same comp as the previous track, another mind-boggling new-school track)


now when I look at it, this was a great musical summer :)

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i should have made my list recent too, i thought, then i thought some more and realised that IS my recent list hehe.  the old stuff is hard to just stop listening to all together. :)

'sweet list btw, cool addition with the afterthoughts .. and I fully agree on your sentiment on Sunshine, that is also my favorite track off of genesis. I think. But in contrast to you, i actually really like that album, and think many tracks on there sound really interesting and very unique sound indeed. Why? amongst others.  Sunshine is for sure the easiest to like on the album. :)

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recursion loop    461

Subject to change at any moment

As it stands:

U-Recken&Digicult - Into the Heartland (orignal when I'm in the full-on mood or Astral Projection remix when I'm in the goa mood)

Hypnoxock- Futurexock

Electric Universe - The Prayer

(!) Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe (!) (THE best goa track EVER) (or Sonic Elysium remix when I'm in the full-on mood)

Centavra Project - Shambala

Spirit Architect - Reshaping Reality

Astral Projection - Liquid Sun 

Hyperception - Shaking

Chromosome - Reality Engineer (original! not Vimana remix)

Andromeda - The Dreamer




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Tsotsi    82

Aren't you just the best at creating topics :0

Just going to copy number 1 from Recursion Loop who is bang on with his opinion.

1. Psy-H Project - Precession of the Universe (!) (THE best goa track EVER) (or Sonic Elysium remix when I'm in the full-on mood)
2. Omneom/Median Project - Heaven and Earth (Omneom Remix)
3. Artha - Kalachakra
4. Celestial intelligence - A Different Story
5. Chi A.D - Blue Effect
6. Arronax - The Beginning Of Our Journey
7. Antares - The 4th Dimension
8. Miranda - Somewhere Out There
9. Astrix - Deep Jungle Walk
10. Hypnoxock - Transformation


As it stands for the time being.

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