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Code Therapy - Scape From Reality Remixes: Chapter Two [Digital Diamonds 065​.​2] | Free Download

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Code Therapy - Scape From Reality Remixes: Chapter Two

Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds065.2
Format: EP
Released: July 2019

The largely successful, Scape From Reality EP by Code Therapy, is back with vengeance, reconstructed by some new and old members from the Digital Diamonds family. Part two of the dualistic remix series has a more sinister, progressive trance feel. Gelled by the inimitable stems from the original EP it contains cavernous pads, cheeky motifs and unblemished sound design. These 5 tracks by Multi-Tul, Lampé, L-XIR, Kavalier and Musgolino couldn’t cause more trouble on the dance floor with their late night intent and staunch demeanour. Believe it or not they will reshape your reality.


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What happened to the Point album which was scheduled for release in May? Been looking forward to a new album/EP for years, still listen to Waveform and Flatpad from time to time.

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Hey Juril, Point album is postponed until further notice. It will come one day, but we don't have a releasedate yet. Believe us, we want to bring that album out asap, but Point is a quite busy guy;) Thanks for asking and understandig. 

In the meantime you feel free to check his first album: https://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds024l

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