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FUNKY GONG New album - Be Humanized - Matsuri Digital

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Funky Gong New album Be Humanized is release soon!



Title : Be Humanized
Label : Matsuri Digital
Artist : Funky Gong
Cat No. : MD024

Release date: 
Beatport Exclusive 2019.7.10
CD release date:2019.8.7

Matsuri Digital is proud to present the release of Funky Gong’s third album, Be Humanized.
Some of Funky Gong’s hit single tracks are presented together with previously unreleased productions, each one a full story in itself, the entire album being a remarkable flow.
With some slower but deep numbers alongside kicking uplifting tracks, the brilliant producer breaks the barriers of dance music creation with a rich blend of styles and moods, from evocative, melodic pieces to otherworldly, abstract productions fused with cyber-rock elements.

Be Humanized is an amazing journey through a wide range of cutting-edge electronic dance music, a magnificent trip through sound and consciousness.
Released on all digital platforms July 10th and on CD August 7th.
///Track List///
Track 1. Introduction
Track 2. Be Humanized
Track 3. Through The Past Trip
Track 4. Heisei
Track 5. Soul Shaker
Track 6. Free Your Mind
Track 7. Inner Force feat. Jikooha
Track 8. Acid Wave
Track 9. Endless
Tracks 1-6,9 Witten & Produced by Written & Produced by Minoru Tsunoda
Tracks 7 Written & Produced by Jun Iwai, Masakazu Shimojomura, Minoru Tsunoda
Tracks 8 Written & Produced by Yuta Uda, Minoru Tsunoda, Remixed by Minoru Tsunoda
Recorded & Mixed at FUZZ Production Studio (Tokyo)
Mastered by Samy CPU (nutek)
Art Work by Orinotawashi (orinotawashi.com/)


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