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OUT NOW!! VA - Made in Mexico Vol. 2 compiled by Ishikawa and Psykoatl [Phonix Records]

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Title : Made in Mexico Vol. 2 compiled by Ishikawa and Psykoatl

Cat no. : PHODIGI026

Release Date: 24 May, 2019

Mastered by Lawrence Hoffman at Chromatone Studio, Australia


After three long years, amigos Ishikawa and Psykoatl are back for round 2! A little under a year in the making - the duo is proud to present Made in Mexico Volume 2!

The release showcases psytrance producers from Mexico, and in true Phonix fashion, the artist lineup features a diverse group of new acts and established names. The journey starts off with master Z3RO collaborating with up and coming Japanese artist T.K.O on the deeply twisted tale of 'Brain Capacity'. Whizzkid Mega follows with 'Illegal Substance' - a finely honed piece of cutting edge hi-tech mayhem. The Concept Nemeis returns to the series with a deliciously deep and chaotic piece - 'Destroy the Planet'. 'Silvato de la Muerte' is a carefully crafted masterpiece by veteran Kinetik Noise, a balanced track with chaos and order.

Newcomer Diem thrills next with the aptly named 'Troublemaker'. This is a turning point on our journey through Mexico's psytrance offerings - where we go off from the grim and cerebral, and we go to overwhelming dance-floor energy. Roby and Phonix beat hackers Psycho System combine forces to take this message forward with their explosive 'Road to the Underworld'. To take things into overdrive is Mappler, an artist whose take on the full on night sound is as unique as it is hyper. His track 'Self Destruction' is best described as a turbo charged roller coaster ride like no other. Stabilising the release for the final romp is this downright killer track from Tetrikal, 'Brain Damned' (2019 Edit). Groovy, edgy and mean - this is destined to be a crowd pleaser.

This release does not go down without a punch. 'Artificial Supergod' is an unforgettable track bursting with power and melodies - all the proof needed to understand why Mucora is fast becoming a house hold name of night time full on in Mexico. Last but not the least is 'Inner Damage' - the deeply twisted and introspective romp from Phonix Records' very own Ionkhe. A fitting an end to this powerful journey.

Phonix Records is proud to once more put the spot light on Mexico and its talented producers! With that said, we humbly ask listeners once more to boldly go forth and again - take us to their speakers and push the limits of sonic manipulation! Viva La Mexico!

1. Z3RO vs. T.K.O - Brain Capacity 145 BPM
2. Mega - Illegal Substance 146 BPM
3. The Concept Nemesis - Destroy the Planet 147 BPM
4. Kinetik Noise - Silvato de la Muerte 147 BPM
5. Diem - Troublemaker 147 BPM 
6. Roby vs Psycho System - Road To Underworld 147 bpm
7. Mappler - Self Destruction 152 BPM
8. Tetrikal - Brain Damned 2019 Edit 148 BPM
9. Mucora - Artifical Supergod 147 BPM
10. Ionkhe - Inner Damage 147 BPM


https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/sets/va-made-in-mexico -vol-2-compiled-by-ishikawa-and-psykoatl

Release by:
Phonix Records

Release date:
24 May 2019

More info: https://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords


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