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Infest - Induced Reflection


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Hello there !

Check out my first self-released darkpsy album compiled from my first tracks made during several years in a BPM range of about 145-160:




1.A cup of tip coffee 04:00    
2.Down the rabbit hall 07:01    
3.Induced reflection 07:40    
4.Wrong castle 06:33    
5.Mad pacman 05:51    
6.Reclaim your game 06:42    
7.Wind substance 07:40    
8.12 Moons - Alek Javel (Infest remix) 07:23


This album also got in Best of 2017 by beehy.pe and here's their review:

An album by Nick Turashvili that possesses a very interesting sound: trance music with mostly minimal, kick-only beat and un-melodic, reverb-drenched, spatial synthesizers mostly leaving a pyrotechnic effect. It all leaves an ultrapsychedelic impression and renders the music quite unpredictable, thereby avoiding one of the major pitfalls of this genre. Recommended for people who enjoy the darker side of psychedelic trance.


Listen: https://infest604.bandcamp.com/album/induced-reflection-4

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