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GMS - Trance cover band


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I experienced GMS last night at Scandinavia Electronic Festival. I feel I need to write a few lines.

I don't know if it was a dj set with their own music or a standard dj set, but it doesn't really matter, this is about the result. Riktam more or less only played remixes, or covers of other tracks. It was so bad. A new song starts with a well known signature part, and it gradually builds and then everything goes silent and then the generic progressive baseline hits. Over and over again. Every track. He played two Prodigy covers...

It was so generic I left for the second dance floor.

I didn't have any special expectations, but this was bad.

1200 mics was equally uninspiring.

The kids seemed to love it. I guess I'm getting old.

GMS = Generic Music Scientists


Besides that, the Scandinavia Electronic Festival was a fun experience.

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seem to, as that's what the kids want, and they are rock n roll stars to them, i had hoped after josef's passing, shaj might come back down to earth
but clearly not yet
they came to australia few years back, and wanted to go, but didn't want to be dissapointed, and by reports glad didn't go.
i think am just getting old.... all you younginss with your boom boom music (swings his walking stick)

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On 6/3/2019 at 7:38 PM, Manuser said:

Not familiar with GMS but the remix released on X-dream remixes compilation is exactly what you describe.



not familiar with gms??
if that is true, listen to their first 2 albums and nothing else, am interested in feedback from the experience

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Last time i saw them this year in goa i think, they played the same/similar terrible set as when i previously saw them in london... Think i made a similar thread to this on here then :/ 

Next time im not wasting my time with them.. hopefully lol..

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12 hours ago, Padmapani said:

there have been playing sets mainly consisting of trance covers since 2008 (or so) at least when i saw them here in austria (i was actually attending only for filteria who played directly afterwards).

Mustve been a jarring experience to go from gms to filteria :D

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