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Acid Destroyers - Monsters And Mad Man EP

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Aspartic    90


Artist: Acid Destroyers
Title: Monsters And Mad Man EP
Label: Spacedock records
Release date: May 15, 2019


1. Acid Destroyers - Universal Language  08:16
2. Acid Destroyers - Ohm Devil   09:14
3. Acid Destroyers - Monsters and Mad Man  07:24


Things are going good in Goa land. You wouldn't say this judging by the number of posts in the review section, but the music is going strong these days.

This collab on Spacedock records between Goa Madness founder Ohm Mind and Laughing Space Devil from Switzerland shows that they're on a creative cloud.
Acid Destroyers deliver three solid fast paced, dense, acid goa tracks. The duo is aiming for dancefloor material. Stuff to get your head around deep in the night times.
No doubt, they succeeded in their mission. It's addictive multi layered goa in your face with a phat beat.
Can't wait to see them in november.

Get this release for a bargain. It delivers.

Buy link:

Bandcamp buy link

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Tsotsi    92

A review!

I saw this release week ago but forgot to save it, then Mad Fusion EP came out and I got confused as to which was what. Wouldn't have found this for weeks if you didn't serendipitously make this review.

Ohm Mind's sound becomes so distinct in collabs & I love it. A real mover of an EP with distinct layers that dance around each other. I don't normally buy EP's (for no reason in particular) but I'll be picking up the latest two with Ohm and looking into some more work from Laughing Space Devil.

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Manuser    268

Nice music, catchy even though quite generic. E-Mantra fans should like it :) 

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