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Longest "tea-break" inside a Goa-Psytrance track

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Hey folks! So some tracks got a really long tea break in it. Tea break? A long beatless stretch your arms or float in space moment that seem to last forever.


I'll start with two *hrhr*

1. from 4:34 to 7:43 .. Thats 3 minutes and 15 seconds of teabreak (time under the sea, or space, the place is beautiful)

2. is a long track in it self. And the long tea-break starts from 9:22 and ends at 13:47 ..... That's an incredible 4 minutes and 25 seconds long teabreak!




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3 hours ago, KER said:

 Tea break? A long beatless stretch your arms or float in space moment that seem to last forever.

you mean the long beatless strech that seems to last forever where you get bored and cannot dance but finally decide to leave the dancefloor to get some chai?

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^ yes thats one amazing tea-break pressed on CD in 96 track Manuser. . . Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden (the really long track) got a staggering 6 minutes & 22 seconds of trippy acid-delighted teabreak in it ..ammagash. Amazing track. (in this time .. Padmapani, you (and others) will be refreshed and ready for more dancing *blink* Maybe on the way back encountering some fable creatures floating exitingly meditativedlly or blissed out on the floor *remember to dehydrate, food, chai, mm! Goa-Psytrance party best gathering*) -- anyway, artists tend to present their chai holes differently when playing the track with it Live . . (i.e Material Music).

at the moment I got no other "long teabreak inside a track" on mind .. I'll hopefully return with one.  The Angelic bonus one doesn't count baja. But what A track. Gosh


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Excuse my bad manners, but this music is in my opinion not only made for Dance. You don't live on the dancefloor or only listen to Goa or Psy on the floorrist, .. Or maybe you do who knows:) So back to my manners, I can't think of a really long "kaffepause" track now but i did make this DJ-set which got a (daring?) long,,, teabreak in it. DeMon Tea comes to mind tho.. Mushroom flavoured. I love to dance, as well as hugging moss(:


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