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Sample: "Fourteen hundred feet still looking very good"

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I swear the track I'm thinking of is by Major 7 but upon spending a preposterous amount of time sifting through my 27+ gigs of psytrance, and firing every possible assemply of key words into google, I still can't freaking find it lol. I believe only a master lever Psy veteran will be able to answer this one off the top of the dome but good God if someone finds it I commend and thank you sincerely! 

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Hi there..! :)

The track you are looking for must be "Reload" from Deedrah.

 It was a monster hit worldwide during the 00s, in its original version and the one remixed by GMS. Both were played A LOT back then..

Nice times..



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Not sure if you identified this track or not, but for future people looking for this specific track check this: 


I had this track as a unnamed on cassette titled "Everything Looking Good" 


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