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Old school artists / tracks not well known but very good

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Manuser    252

I wanted to start this thread a while ago but forgot about it. There are artists out there who produced special tracks but who are not too well known. I mean old school artists, we could post modern tracks of course but there are just too many artists nowadays, so I am more interested in what was produced a long time ago.
For example Messiah, who was a member of Orion but his music is more appealing to me than Orion.

Messiah - Reincarnation of the mysterious

Messiah - Ghost

And tracks of other artists I found is some compilations, for example:
Ectomorph - Trilobite it actually sounds a bit like Koxbox :) checking Discogs, this artist (Crispin Gair) never released anything else. 

Menis - Rakebeat: nice track with unusual structure. 

Feel free to post more examples. 

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yerg    8

I'm not sure if Bamboo Forest qualify as not very well know, as they were quite a big deal back in the days

but here is one of their coolest tracks, before they went all commercial and cheesy and broke my heart :(



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