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E-Mantra - Tartarus [Melusine Records]

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Artist: E-Mantra
Title: Tartarus
Label: Melusine
Date: February 2019
Format: DIgital

1. Solomonar 06:40
2. Tartarus 07:50
3. Dark corners of the Universe (Neurosect Chaotic Mix) 07:46
4. Wrath of the nomads (Live Version) 08:26
5. Baktun Vision Serpent 05:33


Out of the blue E-Mantra is back with a full blown goa release/EP. What's new here?

Many things. The new tracks on this EP show a new side of E-Mantra. E-Mantra 2.0 if you wish. More structure, new sounds, still E-Mantra. Just a tad different.

Solomonar delights with a pounding intro and heads up to the tiny break at 3.40. From then on it builds again upto a stunning climax. Fluid and organic. Wonderful. The hollow synths in the beginning of Tartarus are addictive and very original. The bassline is one of the most clear and cutting basslines I've ever heard. E-Mantra really puts a stamp on his tracks now, and that's different. The tracks have a personality. The track shoots acid in space as it goes on. The orgasmic stuff is reached around 5.20 and it's stunning! What a satisfactory track. Nothing but fun. Pure fun! The hollow synths from the beginning interlude the end. Wow. Next up is the Neurosect remix of Dark Corners Of The Universe. Although it's a fine remix, the full-on'ish bassline kills it for me. I'll prefer the original at any time. Wrath Of The Nomads is the Live version of the track found on the album Nemesis. I can't really hear the difference between the album version. But that can be me. Goa is already complex. It's difficult to find subtle differences. Still a fantastic track though. Baktun Vision Serpent is the last track and also a new fresh one. The galloping psy bassline scares me first, but gradually the track is nicely built around it. Then classic E-Mantra is back to build a spacey goa journey. Pure trance in the end.

The first two tracks is why this release is remarkable. E-Mantra plays with other knobs and layers and it works so well. More structure, more climaxes. I don't know if this is a sign or not, but I hope it's the beginning of more E-Mantra. Very well done!

Peace brother.

Bandcamp buy link

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I want to comment on one track and to be honest, on a specific part of one track: 2:10 - 3:00 of baktun vision serpent.

I would like a longer buildup of the breakdown and then the melody should evolve into a massive soundscape! The ending also should involve an evolution of this melody! That would make a stellar track!

Amazing melody nonetheless, one of the best i listened in the past years, really solid and memorable-not a fluffy generic neo goa style, and love how the melody and bassline fit together!

This part is a dancefloor filler surely!

Eagerly waiting for a remix :D



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Im really impressed to see E-Mantra - an oldie in the game now - keeps evolving his style. He keeps getting better and better.


Progressive Neogoa!

We need more pioneers in this genre. Pushing the boundaries of Neogoa. Even though this might not be pushing the boundaries per se, its still very much classic new school but, it feels more progressive in the mixing and basslines.

Excellent work! This one is a hands down buy!

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just wanted to add to e mantra, that, youre missing sub slightly from this last release. its very highpassed.


edit: that was just stupid to say. take it back who tf am i to say that anyway. my bad

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