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Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live 1998

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16 hours ago, juril said:

Available from Suntrip Records.

Looks like I'll be ordering that.  I went to that party.   

{EDIT} I see why they haven't announced it yet, it releases at the beginning of next month.   So, I'm pretty sure we'll see that announcement then.

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Adding release date
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So, dear Psynews-ers! :)

We (Suntrip Records) are happy to present the pre-order of a live set, filled with unreleased music and different versions, of one of the most influental goa-trance groups of the 90s: Total Eclipse!
This set was played in Tokyo in 1998! We can only imagine how it must have been to feel this music on a dancefloor, right? Well... not anymore, close your eyes, press play at home and fly!

1. Electro Gismo (Live) 
2. Defrost (Live) 
3. Kikamboot (Live)
4. Partycles (Live) 
5. Sunrise (Live) 
6. Collapsar (Live) 
7. Miyukette (Live) 
8. Chaotic Circus (Live) 
9. Free Lemonade (Live) 
10.Space Clinic (Live) 
11.Are You Abducted (Live) 
12.Psychedelic Terrorist (Live)
13.Tokyo Live 1998 (Full Live)

The official release date will be the 1st of april. But you can already preorder on bandcamp or the Suntrip site! (yes, we updated our site a bit!) :)

And for the lovers of special T shirts, we have our 15 years t shirts ready as well! Also available on the site! Keep goa-trance alive and thanks for all the support! :)



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