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Colorful Electronica 01

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GhostOnAcid    22

Hello psynewers,

I done a new set. This time I decide to make something special and I experiment a bit with tracks of different styles and genres and of course I like all tracks very much. :-) So here are comes and work goa, trance, techno, (tech)house together and complement each other. I think if we want that goatrance developed (and not stagnates) then we should look sometimes to other genres to get new impulses, ideas and creativity.


The idea behind the "Colorful Electronica"-Sets is to bring many genres of electronic dance music together. No matter it is techno, trance, goa, breaks, ambient or house. Or its old, or its new. Or its fast or slow. Back in the 90s all styles were played at one party.
I selected and mix all tracks carefully, so you have a nice colorful journey through the beauty of electronic dance music. :)

1. Stevie B Zet - Blue Illusion (Flat Horizin Mix) //EyeQ
2. Voiski - Megatrance //Super 95
3. Zirrex - Hollystrerius //Hado
4. Guusun - Watashidare (Masa Remix) //Matsuri Digital
5. Butch - Countach //Cocoon
6. Benjamin Fröhlich - Dream City (Zombies In Miami Remix) //Permanent Vacation
7. Sven Väth - Robot //Eye Q
8. Alexander Kowalski - The Carbon Boy //Mord
9. Filteria - Back to Earth //Suntrip
10. Aoud - SE MK II //Persephonic Sirens
11. Doof - Giving Godhead //DAT

And for all fans of the Return of the Sun Podcast: Volume 029 is ready and will see the day of the light in some days. ;-)

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