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Searching for Quality Fullon Psytrance with an energetic "Main Melody"

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Hi i am searching for Tracks/Artists/Albums/Compilations with well made ((not cheesy!)) Fullon Psytrance. 

The more Deep and melodic side of Psytrance. I also like Quality Twilight/Forest and Dark stuff with an "energizer Melody" included. 

Also i really dig the South african style of fullon...

It would be very nice if you guys can drop some names i dont know...old or recent

Thanks :)


I know Already:



Twisted System



The Misted Muppet 


(all the Glowing flame rec. Stuff)



Azax Syndrom


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Check out Electric Universe.

Most of his latest stuff can be found on bandcamp.

EU's style is  some of the best full-on I've ever heard, and also super energetic.


edit: here's his latest production


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Have you tried artists and releases from Sangoma, Bom Shanka Music, Looney Moon Records? No cheese at all!

They are 90% twilight which is most psychedelic and most driving Psychedelic trance style to me and from which I suck inspiration for my Goa Trance :lol:



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