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Material Music - "Auxin" EP + "Belen" EP = "Æ" LP

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KER    5

Well folks, Material Music is in 2019 ready to release at least 2 more EP's ("Belen" being one of them).
After that, there is one more LP to shop out and release .. called "Madi Experience".
So anyway, in March, the AUXIN EP will be released on , Sting Records
and then also in March, the BELEN EP will be released on Hi-Trip Records. Auxin EP containing a bit more Goatrancey stuff then the Belen EP..

As you can imagine by this threads title, the two EP's Belen and Auxin are originally a LP called "Unmixeable", or "Æ" for short..
I got the two names Belen and Auxin from kinda rearranging the letters in Unmixeable to create 2 words ; ) xxpsy management

Thats the way it roll -

I'll keep this thread updated .. : )

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KER    5

Material Music - Æ (pt. 1 & 2): releases worldwide March 29, 2019

[Sting Records] Pre-order / Listen AUXIN: I recommend Foregone
- https://beatspace-sting.bandcamp.com/album/auxin
~ https://www.psyshop.com/Auxin-Material-Music-Sting/sng1dw104/?fbclid=IwAR1LSJNL5T5zcBP8cxVFypQPT4I8DTfd3GTj4gYCeDNMPvXCQHvYsPYeQCA

[Hi-Trip Records] Pre-order / Listen BELEN: I recommend Hallis
- https://beatspace-hi-trip.bandcamp.com/album/belen
~ https://www.psyshop.com/Belen-Material-Music-HiTrip/htp1dw063/?fbclid=IwAR1mpfP4udCU-4KE6vdGGxqF-uLo3gE5ZG63PlJzk0D9o8gQ0eInBwoyyNQ

- (or) check your fav. shop/streaming service

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