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Must Listen To Albums of Goa-/Psy-Trance and Psybient


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Hey guys,

I fell in love to Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance in 2013 and have listened to alot of artists and records since then. I also listened to classics, which others in my age probably wouldn't listen to due to bad mastering by today's standards. But to expand my knowledge and find other awesome records/tracks, I would like to tell the Trance professors in this forum, which records I've missed so far.


From the one I would consider a classic or otherwise important, I listen to the following records:



Astral Projection - Trust in Trance 3

Asia 2001 - Psykadelia

Bell Size Park - The Truth is Out There

California Sunshine - Imperia

Dimension 5 - Transdimensional; Second Phaze; TransAddendum

Doof - Let's Turn On

Electric Universe - One Love

Etnica - The Juggling Alchemists Under The Black Light; Live in Athens 1996

Filteria - All Records

Green Nuns of the Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia

Hallucinogen - Twisted

Hilight Tribe - Trancelucid

Infected Mushroom - The Gathering; Classical Mushroom

Moonweed - Voice of Jupiter

Paradise Connection - Paradise Connection

Pleiadians - I.F.O.

Ra - 9th

Shakta - Retroscape

Toi Doi - Synaptic Electrophoresis

1200 Micrograms - 1200 Micrograms



The Infinity Project - Mystical Experience

Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?; Tales of the Inexpressible

(Is Carbon Based Liveforms considered Psybient?)


If you have any recommendations what I should listen to right now, I'm glad to hear it. :)

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16 minutes ago, Mallenaut said:


The Infected Mushroom - Mystical Experience


If you have any recommendations what I should listen to right now,..... 

+ Shpongle - Shiva Space Technology :P


Yes I recommend you CPC albums maybe if only one the Subliminal Messages album which is really really good hardware , https://www.discogs.com/artist/198829-CPC-2

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The Infected Mushroom - Mystical Experience 

pal you probably missed the artist with "the infinity project"..

let's start with the uptempo classic albums i think every goa\psy trance should have

Ra - To Sirius --> start with this one wil ya... from the start to its end

Dimension 5 - Transdimensional -> same... this album is like a trip to the stars

Flying Rhino - First Flight -- so many classics there...!!

Pleiadians - I.F.O. [I.dentified F.lying O.bject] - i recommend the datrecords release with the live versions too.

Etnica - Live In Athens 1996 - dat records release again 

Blue Planet Corp - Blue Planet

Astral Projection - Another World

Astral Projection - Trust In Trance

Dimension 5 - Second Phaze

MFG - The Prophecy

Cosmosis - Cosmology

Man With No Name - Earth Moving The Sun

Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy

X.Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness

Darshan - Awakening

The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird

UX - Ultimate Experience


once done with all those drop me a note ill continue to part 2 :+1:






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I'd certainly consider Carbon Based Lifeforms as psybient, as are most Ultimae Rec. releases. 

Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station

Solar Fields - Leaving Home

Aes Dana - Memory Shell

H.U.V.A. Network - Distances 

Check these great psybient albums. But like most in the genre they may take several listens to really appreciate them. 

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I'm a big lover of Nibana. 

His 2 part CD Shūmatsu No Tani is pretty wicked. Not necessarily psybient but it has does the same thing for me as psybient. And then some. Earth from Above is just as good and more atmospheric and a little bit slower and has some live instruments and is very relaxing and is just all around bliss. 

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On 1/24/2019 at 8:54 AM, Psychedelic Superbeast said:

If you like unique Psychedelic/ Goa Trance with some SPECIAL elements...

This Albums followed their own Rules:



-Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is Childs play

((DE is a very talented producer and his first album is one of the best Futuristc/cyberdelic sounding oldschool Goa Trance Albums!!))


-Kox Box - Dragon tales

((Complex and very trippy melodic Psychedelic Goa....with many suprises included!!))


-Infected Mushrooms - BP Empire

((A beautiful journey. A perfect mix of Sadness and Happieness...Unique Psychedelic Album with an unique Limbo Atmosphere))


-Alienated - FF

((Complex, Twisted and dark Goa Trance with insane story telling))


-Orichalcum & The Deviant - Live

((Complex, Twisted and highly playful Goa Trance))


-Cydonia - In fear of a red planet

(Very industrial and metalic/tribalistic sounding Goa. Unique Post apocalyptic atmosphere and musically perfect done!))


-Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age

((Industrial+Goa+Steampunk Sounding Album...))


-Sandman - Witchcraft

((Sandman is like the band "Tool" but in The Psychedelic Trance genre. Very unique twisted Dreamy atmosphere and musically very well done))


-Menis - Temporary Insanity

((darkish griddy goa trance))


-Semsis - Letting Go



-Trold - Time of Illusion

((proto forest psytrance...very playfull and mean but in some points deep and beautiful forest music))


-Dark Soho - Sun Spot/Combustion

((Dark, Sad, DEPRESSIVE mixture of Industrial and Psytrance...i warn you, some tracks are Dangerous for mentally weak people))


-The Misted Muppet - From The legend

((high energy Fullon with Middle Age/Fantasy elements!!! ...The melodies are Awesome and musically on a Infected Mushroom level. But its less Twisted and playfull then IM))




+1 on the Deviant Electronics album.

Also recommend the Orichalcum & The Deviant album

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