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Tranquility Base Project - Explained Phenomena EP

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Manuser    248


01 - Tranquility Base Project - The Flower Of Life
02 - Tranquility Base Project - Where Did The Towers Go
03 - Tranquility Base Project - Quantum Entanglement

Released by Timewarp.


Alexander Koch comes from Vorarlberg, a small Country, in Austria. His Passion for electronic Music (Techno) started at the age of 9 years, but many years later was infected by the (Old School) Goa Trance fever. In the year 2010 he started his own Project mostly using analog Hardware (Synthesizers, Filters, etc) he says in his own words... 'Because they have their own Soul and their Haptics invite him to do a lot of Sounddesign. In my music, I try to arrange my Feelings, Experiences and current Happenings on our Planet in Stories to let you participate in them. Lean back and build your own Stories. In my first EP it is all about some questions and theories that I am thinking about, for now.

This EP is a nice surprise. The first two tracks have a rather atypical style. Track 1 is almost beatless, the introduction is very long, very melodic and deep, the melodies are quite complex, high pitched, it sounds very pure and ethereal. A very clean and unusual track, good way to start.

Track 2 is clearly the one I prefer here. Quite a slowish tempo, the atmosphere is very spatial, many variations and twists in this track, with some distortion applied on the melodic sequences (similar to Jikooha's style). The small complaint I can make is that the Kick + Bass combo is too dominant, it is often the case in modern goa and tracks may sound less psychedelic because of that. And I would do without the vocal sample as well. But overall, it's really a convincing production.

Track 3 is also very varied (there is a triplet part in the 7th minute) that said the track is fast (I would say between 145 and 150 BPM), so it sounds more typical of the style, most modern goa tracks have a similar BPM. It is not uninteresting but it has less depth than the previous two creations. Once again I find that the Kick + bass combo is too audible but for sure it is a very energetic and catchy track.

A pleasant surprise to listen to these 3 productions from a new artist, who released this last year > https://www.discogs.com/Tranquility-Base-Project-Strange-Theories/release/12852115  I have not listened yet though.

Encouraging EP. What strikes me is the desire from the artist to sound very trancy and yet different to the usual structures. You can listen and buy here > https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/tranquility-base-project-explained-phenomena-timewarp109-timewarp


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Trance2MoveU    363

Dude...Fire.  You.  On it!

Keep up the great work!

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Penzoline    335

I really like how story-telling and evolving it is. Some awkward synths at certain points, but this one got potential for a lot.

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