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"V/A - Goa Trance Timewarp V.3


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Artist: Various
Title: Goa Trance Timewarp V.3
Label: Timewarp Records
Date: October, 2017

1. GoAtma - Listen
2. Microdose - Full Power
3. Persia Vibe - Through The Stars
4. Travma - Modular Sequence
5. Nostromosis & Sonic Elysium - New Life
6. Ion Vader - Trip To Nowhere
7. Jaraluca - Andromeda
8. Lucid Rainbow - Overtones
9. Omnivox - Silent Sweeper (Nova Fractal Remix)
10. Coagoa - Everything is Conscious
11. Javi & Skooma - The Amplitude
12. Screw Loose & Lunar Dawn - Big Crunch
13. Hyperspace - Fiery Dawn
14. Median Project - The Wanderer
15. Cosmic Dimension - Voyage In The Universe
16. Innerzone - Universal Enlightenment
17. Omneon - Psytrance
18. Psychedelic Quest - Crystal Moon


I spent more time typing the tracklist than I plan elucidating on this disappointing 2-CD release from Timewarp Records.  The first half is the definition of generic, bland "this sounds like goa trance let's put it on the album" drivel.  Travma?  I haven't heard a good track from him in over half a decade.  Hell, a pulse wasn't even detected until Jaraluca showed up.  Then the quality ticks up dramatically.  But there's a reason for that.  Most of the rest of the tracks have been released before on digital eps by...you guessed it...Timewarp.  So this release leaves me with a bad taste.  Recycled.  The only reason to get it would be if you don't have the tracks from the 2nd half or if you want them on physical media.

Timewarp Bandcamp



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hello Trance2MoveU thanks for checking this release!

"Goa Trance Timewarp" is not exclusive compilation that contain only new unreleased tracks like "The Call of Goa" or "Colors of Goa", it is series of compilation like "best of" timewarp from our digital catalog since the beginning, tracks that never appeared on CD format selected by some of our DJs and others. Every DJ is fully free to select 9 or 10 tracks what only he think is best or what he likes most from digital catalog. The whole idea is to release some tracks what compiler thinks are good and maybe deserve to be on CD, also to give some new artist extra promotion and for him self as a DJ. This is good way for some fans and other DJs who dont buy so much digital releases and wants some great tracks from catalog on CD for collection.


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