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Material Music - Magic Science Of DNA (ovniep284 - Ovnimoon Records)

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Right, so first things first, I'd like to deeply apologize to @psytones for taking so long to make this post, real life has been pretty chaotic those past few months ! Thank you for your patience and for nudging me in the direction of this release!

To everybody else... I've never ever written any kind of music review, so please bear with me :P

Now, without further ado...let's get started.

1 Magic Science Of DNA
That track is very brooding and a sense of impending danger persists throughout the 18 (wtf man, 18? :p) minutes.
The melodic parts/stabs around the 10min mark are a really nice touch and change the pace a bit, and is a welcomed addition. At first, I thought the main break to be a bit long? But then again, yeah it's an 18 minutes piece so you definitely need to catch your breath a little bit !

2. Musica Electronica
Not much to say technically on this one. I felt it to be the most melancholic one, and that's stuff that, at least in my opinion, can't be expressed by words. I've enjoyed it very much though !

3. Voice of Pressed Tin
OK for that one, don't ask me why but I got newschool Astral Projection vibes (if that means anything) out of it Oo At least for the first half ! The background FX drenched in reverb give it a strange, eerie feeling, I like it.

4. Sonic Fromasj
Aaah I'm a sucker for percs. Lovely intro. The instrumental assets sound really good and give the track a nice gypsy-esque vibe. The track then takes a sharp turn towards Dark Tribal land and it's fucking BOUNCING. Did I tell you I was a sucker for percs? The haunting pads at the 6:00 mark are a nice touch to the overall feeling of loneliness hanging around this track, leading us to the gated lead around the 8:00 mark, whose melody brings us back closer to the light.

A very solid release in my opinion. This is not my usual kind of stuff but I did listen to the full thing with pleasure. Technically, imo, no sound design or mixing flaw can be heard, it's very well produced. Each track possess its own atmosphere and groove, so you're not feeling like you're listening to the same stuff for an hour.

I think my favorite track is number 4 !

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