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Androcell Mixes (full-quality 16bit .WAV) for download

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psytones    76
On 12/11/2018 at 5:05 PM, Androcell said:

Hey, your music is very nice, been there with it. So much positive prop to you for your outputs. May i ask whats the art connection /why?




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Androcell    2

Well, I can't speak for the artists who did the work in the links you posted, but I was inspired by the original artwork by Stanley Mouse.  I grew up seeing Mouse's artwork on albums covers for bands like Journey, whose music didn't resonate with me, but the vinyl album covers were mesmerizing and ultimately influential. The 2-hour mix features a lot of tracks from my 2014 "Imbue" album. On the back of the CD album cover also features a winged scarab painted by my friend, artist Jack Shure. He was inspired by Stanley Mouse, as well. Mouse was inspired by Egyptian symbology and the mythos of Khepri.



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