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Downtempo recommendations and Trusting in Trance


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hi, i created this post because i need musical advice and also to read what other people think.

this last 2 years i've been throwing parties with 2 friends of mine who also dj. they play progressive house so parties usually go from 120 to 123 in the first 5 hours to 140+ the last 2.

at first it was mostly for our friends, and they are well aware that i play psy, so i don't feel pressured about mistakes or playing something too aggressive or complex for nonpsy listeners. the parties were totally free and they went from 10 people to 80 with almost no advertisement. this las time i did a downtempo set in order to achieve cohesion throuhgout the night. people were astonished about the party we threw totally free. some came to me telling me that i should charge for all that and that became evident the day after when i had to clean the entire house. so i decided to make a profit out of this and rented a place. a friend of mine works in illumination and is vjing and i already own the equipments and sound system.... the only thing i need now is more downtempo music!

i went to the downtempo folder which is quite short and varied in styles and bpm and it was really difficult to get a set out of it so i had to look into IM and shpongle discography. used many tracks from them and a few from my folder in my last set so now . i saw a few friends of mine who knew the lyrics of what i was playing. i need something not so well known, trancey, preferably to warm progressive house but thats asking too much.


bonus topic: in these parties i usually go last because of bpm progression but it happens that  it goes from 124 to 140 in 5 minutes. there was one were i totally killed the little vibe that was in the room. and it is there, it is noticeable. people started to leave. i usually tell myself that i gotta 'trust in trance' and fuck the rest because. i have received positive feedback and some even started to go exclusively for my sets but sometimes i cannnot stop noticing some peoples terrified faces when they realize the whole set will be like that. 

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On 11/23/2018 at 5:46 PM, awanteelpsyvieja said:

preferably to warm progressive house but thats asking too much.

I think about 2 artists which could match nicely with your request:

- Jens Buchert with his debut album Fruit Machine released on Plusquam, you can also try all the others albums released after it.

- Denis Matenda and his downtempo project Chilling Matenda,  especially Mediteran released on his own label Global Phonehead records.


Otherwise from a more trancey or psychedelic view , there's tons of good stuffs ^_^, have you tried some labels such as :

- Ultimae (Carbon Based Lifeform especially, Aes Dana, Solar Fields)

- ChillTribe (nice compilations outhere plus Wombat & Gringolocomotion albums, Hi Pks if still lurking around here)

- Chillcode (some solid albums with Galaxy, Kuba & Enteogenic)

- Interchill (albums from Eat Static , Liquid Stranger, Kaya Project)

- Organic Chill (Ganja Beats for dub trancey tunes)

- Cosmic Leaf (D.Batistatos)


If you're into dub trancey sonds there's also Gabriel Le mar productions under his own name or with his different projects : Saafi Bros, Dub Connected...

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what about bridging the gap between house and psy with some trance and proggy? a progression from something like petar dundov - tenth plateau to union jack (pylon pigs album) to robert elster to ticon's latest to fullon could do the trick? if you hover around 130 for a few tracks the transition will be less shocking.

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