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Artist: Jacob
Title: Enjoy The Ride
Label: Spin Twist Records
Date: 10/12/18


01 Where all Begins
02 Sound City (ft. 4i20)
03 Durs - Serendipity (Jacob remix)
04 Fake Idols (ft. Mandragora)
05 Binomial (ft. Harmonyc)
06 Energy Around You (ft. Juiced)
07 Wobbly Girl
08 Synergy (ft. Basscannon)
09 Music is
10 We Come in Piece (ft. Mandragora)
11 Fly Away (ft. Juiced)
12 Enjoy The Ride

You really don't need to look much further than Spin twist Records if you're after fun clubby proggy tunes that will get a crowd jumping. Their last release I listened to was Therapy by Fabio which was perfect for a dark club with friends. Now Jacob has come out with a perfect album for a hot summer day, cider and friends.

While not particularly psychedelic or trippy and pretty much non stop prog, Enjoy The Ride is a bunch of fun from start to finish. I listened to it while walking through Swedish forests in the sun today and I can say that it fit the mood perfectly. Punchy kick drums, rolling bass lines, lots of catchy vocals and melodies. In fact, if like me your only source of vocal music is a selection of tracks by Sade and Dido but at the same time you still enjoy your words then this album will hit the spot. Instead of following the typical 4 to the floor prog pattern Jacob keeps his music interesting by chopping his beats up while retaining all the rhythm. Most tracks start with cool dubby or breakbeat sections that spiral off into prog wonderland and most end in ecstasy. While some tracks feel like they are going to be typical pieces I can assure you that Jacob doesn't let anything get boring, typical or dry.

Favourites: 4, 7, 9 and 12. Tracks 12 is a really really good downtempo piece.




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