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Greek, Swedish, French, Belgian, American meeting @ ZNA Closing party

Anoebis, Fishimself, Giotoulihno, Filteria, Goa constrictor, Mars, Chris.
Photo by Trunksan

Staffan - Those photos are at my laptop. Will send the following days



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I'm planning on attending as well, let's meet up!

LOL, challenge accepted!   I love party quests -  especially those involving goats ;-)    

You are welcome

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On 9/3/2019 at 10:05 PM, staffan said:


Oh, there was a photo taken of the goa constrictor, you and me at your camp. Can you pm it to me or put it here in the thread. I would appreciate that. =)

Finally fixed aDsl at home. Pics below.

Showing my bloody burnt hands! Staffan visiting the Greek/American camp.



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17 hours ago, the goa constrictor said:

nice =)

Only 23 more months until next time! ;)

Maybe Apsara next year? That's a very interesting fest! Come to Greece and we go road tripping there, just find another person too cause the car can fit 4!

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4 hours ago, staffan said:

Thank you Trunksan. =))

I can highly recommend Apsara. I attended last year and it was really great. It will probably be my choice the next summer.

I think it's the logical continuation after ZNA. Much rarer and interesting projects, definitely a fest for the music lovers not for the casual listener.

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Gah, I haven't posted a single line to this thread yet, even though random thoughts have crossed my mind all year. Somehow the whole winter was a bit exhausting with work, hobbies and assorted BS so trance as a whole fell lower on the list. The ZNA lineup definitely looked great, but eventually I ended up visiting another festival in Croatia with a large group of old friends. Shorter travel, easy accommodation, fewer things to arrange. Then I was already running out of vacation days so I couldn't fit in another full week trip abroad.


The reported epidemic was apparently...rough for everyone affected. In 2017 I only got a mild food poisoning one day toward the end of the week, resulting in a customer return of that lunch and a day of lying down. If I was looking tired in some of the last meetings, that probably played a role. Maybe it also contributed a bit to my choice of a fancy-pants city festival this summer, although it definitely wasn't the deciding factor.


Anyway, beside excellent line-ups, the ZNA location itself is indeed great, especially if you like long walks on the beach. Aaand...maybe Apsara next year? Who knows. It's not in the exact opposite end of Europe like Portugal. Just remember to post enough useful info to convince me. :lol:

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