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Hi guys,

wow are everyone's plans for ZNA????
I made a correction to my car rental so I can go on Sunday early morning, set-up my tent and then return to Lisbon for touristy stuff and relaxation.

Other than that, all is fine!

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I'm planning on attending as well, let's meet up!

LOL, challenge accepted!   I love party quests -  especially those involving goats ;-)    

You are welcome

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On 8/13/2019 at 11:56 AM, Trunksan said:

Hi guys,

wow are everyone's plans for ZNA????
I made a correction to my car rental so I can go on Sunday early morning, set-up my tent and then return to Lisbon for touristy stuff and relaxation.

Other than that, all is fine!

So far so good. Just did a preliminarily packing, everything I need is not in yet. The limit is 23kg, right now my backpack is 18kg. So I should be fine. I even put in a folding chair and an extra pair of shoes. A real pillow is in also, not only the inflatable one I normally use. =)) I felt it was time to have some luxuries at a festival, lol.

I will not have much time for touristy stuff. I'm arriving late tomorrow and then the bus departures 10 am Sunday. But I will for sure relax in the king size bed in the hotel tomorrow night, haha.

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21 hours ago, DaggerDances said:

I'm driving from Lisbon on 19 morning(ish).  Should fit 6 and we're 4 so far, so you're welcome to join.

Hey plz send contact details. That could be great. Whatsapp or similar. 

I land on Sunday night.

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To they who still doubt - that this is gonna be epic :P


Why should you go to ZNA gathering?
Even if you don't go ;)

:wub: 'Cronomi Records' has 7 names playing on the stages:
That is 12h of music "Who are they???" :rolleyes:

A. MAIN STAGE: amazingly 2 magic Danish guys...
'ColorBox' & 'Bypass Unit' - with unreleased tracks,

B. Goa Guardians: playing from the 90's, till now...
'Psara' & 'Greg Staikos',

C. The Last day: 2 live acts and one dj...
'M-Run' (presenting his new album),
'Portamento' (with also unreleased tracks for a new album)
'dj Inada' (with 3/4 tracks of my own - made with M-run & Antares).


Just saying - haha! :D Yes yes, doesn't only depend on us - lol! ...as so much mpre good music :wub:

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See you all tomorrow! :) And... on the dancefloor, as it is announced now, I can openly say it, I will also play a 4 hour set there, to end the festival ;) The future looks... GOA! :D 

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not as good as the previous one but still AMAZING!

I'm pretty sure everyone knows already that literary the whole fest was hit by a stomach bug (bacteria, virus... who knows). I got it lightly but almost everyone I know was affected, including staff and artists.

I'm posting vids and photos as I'm still in Lisbon for holidays until Saturday.


Traveled and camped all days with the Goa constrictor! He was a great travel companion and had looooooaaaaaaads of fun with the Yank. He blended well with the Greeks and other Europeans!! Big shout to our Austrian neighbor, Dr. Lina (she's actually a medical doctor doing her practice in Portugal). Loads of dancefloor time with Staffan too!

Highlights: Colourbox/BPU (my guilty pleasure), BOTFB/KASOL (highlight for most ppl), UV Atmar, Masa Ray, Filteria, DJ solitaire, DJ Greg Staikos, Koxbox, quirk
At Chll (didn't catch much): RA, Holeg and Thierry, Odiolab
Nice surprises: Portamento (I think he needs a few more albums but overall good fun), DJ Psara (massive set, totally unexpected for me), 

Dissapointments: Last half our of Jaia.... Why finish the set with the cinematic stuff... put them at the beginning and finish with a bang.... No brainstorm, no mohamour, no nasty angel (my favourite), horrible MFG sound quality.

I don't know what Kasol does at the studio but his production is DIAMOMD, as a soundr/live music person I was blown away, best sound quality at the fest.

12th time Hallucinogen, probably the 2nd worse but still good.

More sleep needed!

Edit: Also spent 2 days with Dagger and his cousin Nanti!!! Very nice educated ppl!

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I didn't get the stomach bug, guess I'm lucky. The dust did fuck up my throat. Still coughing a bit.

Amazing festival it was. Wow, just wow. The time just pasted away way too fast. Trunks, always a blast to be on the the dance floor with you. Fun times. =)

Mike!! you have an account here, don't know your handle but. I had such a good time hanging with you and Paul. =))

The wait for Koxbox was worth it, Frank played brilliantly. Juno did Komit and Dino did his Tortured Brain thing. There was just so much good music. Like my friend Timo asked me half into the festival, have you herd really bad tracks? No I guess not, was the only answer. Of course I didn't like everything, but still. The level at ZNA is high. I kinda missed some 90-94 music, maybe I just wasn't on the dance floor when it was played?



I have a few videos on my youtube, check them out if you want. This one is for K-BAN. =))


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what time did koxbox finally play?


I didn't get the stomach bug, guess I'm lucky.

I felt fine until the day after the festival. A cramped car of people and I heard a couple were not feeling well, so I think I got it from that contact, but maybe it just took time for it to hit me.

Still a brilliantly great festival and time. I'll write more when I can gather my thoughts better. Just got home this afternoon =)


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5 minutes ago, the goa constrictor said:

what time did koxbox finally play?

I think like 2 am. I remember shouting to Trunks that now Koxbox is starting. =)) They had a bit of a problem with the artists shuttles.


7 minutes ago, the goa constrictor said:

Still a brilliantly great festival and time. I'll write more when I can gather my thoughts better. Just got home this afternoon =)

Yeah, I'm still trying to get my head around this festival. So much great things where happening. =))

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Koxbox played at around 2 like stafaan said. Before it was almost 6 hours of Mark Allen, who was playing waiting for Frank E.

Quirk and the waiting part for Frank E was good, the first part I didn't like, it was anthem after anthem badly mixed.

Did Koxbox play modern tracks the last half hour? Cause I went to change clothes and get some food for Masa Ray and it seemed so from there.

The only DJ that played some seriously rare and old stuff was Graig Staikos. Check his playlist... I know very little. Infinity Zen for example is from Greece with vey little discography.


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Finally feeling better!

So, ZNA... That was epic. I understand that, for those privileged enough to live in the EU and able to attend these festivals on the regular, maybe this wasn't as great as various other events, but I come from the USA and this event was simply unheard of.

Our psy scene out here sucks. So much fucking Twilight/DarkPsy/HiTek/FullOn, it's frustrating. I just dance at on a different wavelength than the music played out here most of the time.

Trunksan and his partner were absolutely top-notch hosts and I had a blast getting to know them and camping with them.

The food was fantastic. The tiki masala, falafel, and carbonara all seemed reasonably prices and tasted great. That tiki masala with pakora was well worth 8EU.

I loved the beach and swimming and the free showers (the few festivals I've been to with showers in the USA, they cost $5 per timed shower).

I got to meet many people I've been wanting to meet face-to-face and I bungled many other meetings because I can be socially inept and awkward, and sometimes inebriation is a disservice.

Music wise: It was almost too much of a good thing. I know I missed some great stuff because I needed time to sleep here and there. After nearly 25 years of waiting, I've finally gotten sets from SUN Project, Man With No Name, Tsuyoshi, and Quirk. That Noosphere set was incredibly unexpected. Almost everything at the Market Stage was proper and of my liking. That Holeg and Theirry DJ set in the chill out area was so good and well needed for my brain at that moment. Vibrasphere and S-Range were both super. I enjoyed Hallucinogen much more than the past few times I've heard him play, it was kinda like he was letting his guard down and just having fun with things. Masa and Ray was beautiful as expected. I even enjoyed Medicine Drum far more than expected. And what to say about Ubar Tmar? He's a fucking being unto himself and he will always be a good time. I do remember hearing some Koxbox tunes after Mark Allen, but thought he was just DJing them because Frank'E wasn't there, I was a bit blasted at that point, so the tail end of Mark Allen -> KoxBox -> MasaRay -> Noosphere is a bit of a.... disorienting blur or hilarity and good times.

I would absolutely attend this festival again and truly loved getting to dip my toes into the European culture. Portugal is a wonderful place, even with their ability to search you without probable cause.


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How was ZNA :wub: ?
That is a complex question ;)

A. First of all I'd like to start with a thought, or more of a feeling that emerged. This came to me firstly when I saw we all needed to queue for water in the heat (of the moment). I felt this might have been the most important moment for me of the entire festival. Queuing for the basic ingredient of life is a profound event, as water is not just an object, it is a necessity of all kinds. After this I was wandering during the night next to the lake and was gazing at the milky way. I pondered the following <3 ... - note: and listen to this track at the same time when you read the next text - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_uHa_PET9M

"When I walked trough the dark places of my mind and the world, I saw humans coming together, as tribes or in villages of some sort. I could never rely to them: nor to their culture, nor to their habits. Yes, I could do so, but only too the one thing they had in common: living of the land, our mother, in big doses of respect. That to survive they created a coexistent-state of mind. In a non-egocentric need an urge opened, one to depend on each other.
Queuing for water, queuing for food,...

But than there came a time with more build up certainties. The people forgot they needed a prophet near the water fountain, one who proclaimed thusly: "Here thay find the element and mother of all life - share - and be one, and only one as one (really) is (in itself)!"
When in the night, there he stood alone, I came across him. He gave me a swift look and uttered gently, like dry sand moves the desert: "When you are looking for the end of all things, go there!", lifting up his arm, pointing at the night sky, that was ribboned with stars and a lonely planet weaving its path trough it.
I died peacefully in his arms..."


B. Goods and bads:
the GOODS :D
+ :rolleyes:that main stage sound: very very good, balanced, clear and warm sound - I could just enjoy its quality so much;
+being in some sort 'locked up mode' in the artist village most of the time: met great guys like 'Gabriel Le Mar', 'Alex' aka Boshke Beats, the guys from 'MFG' (Front 242 lives): we had the best musical and historical debates! - learned me a lot to reshape and remodel my label and our philosophy into the future;
+fun'n games with Ray Castle :wub:
+ Meeting your dreamy and melancholic trance hero: X-Dream - the train rides on :wub:
+Close encounter with the boys from Astral projection: "Trilithon lives!!!" <3 Avi Nissim, talk soon! My music is on its way ;)
+Beer with Tromesa (long time no see - his cocktail bar in Warsaw is amazing btw);
+Funky psychedelic performances of: Portamento (say what?!), ColorBox (live altering old and new tracks like no one else did), Gabriel Le Mar, Juno Reactor, and the whole line up from the 'market stage'. A big <3 to all the dj's there, damned a psychedelic festival needs slower funky, sexy stuff!!! Alex, maybe call it the groove cave next time? - can I come 'n be a groove dj too? :P
+Cool decorations (and an amazing, kind, splendid decorations team);
+Nice food for the artists and an amazing kind food team! Big hugs.

the BADS <_<
-the virus, no not the synth, that took me out 9-10 days (still counting);
-in general maybe a bit more variation in music on the line up: as I stated before maybe this festival has the vibe to open up even more to a more broad variety of psychedelic electronic music, like we saw on the 'market stage'? Most acts play now only their old stuff and it is always a bit "fast" imo - why not go 'back' to the end 80s and mid 90s vibe and have a more complex approach of psychedelic music/beat ranges/...?
-having to play for an empty dance floor (what a contrast with the former ZNA, where I was playing for at least 500/700 people on the guardians night :O :( ...could only fill it up again to 200 people, and than my body decided to shut down.


C. People I'd like to thank are:
-'Frederico Fernandes' (for booking 12h of 'Cronomi Records' music on ZNA and so believing in us) - see you next edition;
-'Sara Marrecas' and 'Greg Staikos' for representing the label and our guarding goa's spirit;
-'Ray Castle' for that special 3rd day and giggling;
-'Wim Schepmans', 'Caroline Boermans', 'Tom Poez', 'Roger Janssen', 'Fabien Marsaud' (do I forget any one?) who were there to help me when I almost fainted during my dj set (due to my illness): you were very very kind <3
-'Color Box'  and 'Portamento' by proving new music can rock the floor - and be so funky business!!! You guys filled the floor with groovy beats and funky baslines...
-'Gordon Clone Brown' for being a great Canadian;
-And the goa freaks (mostly Belgians) I had to chance to talk to: 'Robbe Caranthir', 'Aimen Itos' (Hallugen, we talk soon) and 'Yassine Alea' got to me the most!!! 'Greg Zna' for being such a kind person;
- @ 'Jeroen Verley' to show me how complex playing with vinyl is :)
-...and last but nut least: 'Jo Frère' for a splendid two conversations <3 - just because of it and your suppor to the label!
-'Tiago Florindo' & 'Gonçalo Florindo' for being the sweetest brothers :)
-'Guy Vaz Marle' for being helpful on the shuttles and actually laughing trough out the entire festival - no matter how tired ;)
-To those I might have forgotten: I'm still ill as f..ck - blame the virus <3 - I miss my belgian beer :(


Any way: "Don't panic, keep it psychedelic" (dj Inada)

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This is what I did to help me feel better with the virus:

Slightly unripe bananas (still a bit green on the peel) mashed with some yogurt (this enzymes and vitamins of banana with the yogurt cultures and probiotics are good for tummy)

Tablespoon shot of apple cider vinegar (also good for gut bacteria flora)

A tea made of fresh mashed ginger, honey, clove, cinnamon, and black tea. Let steep for about 10 minutes and add a couple of drops of mint tincture


I did this twice each day for a couple of days, along with drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, and I got better in two days.

Avoid food elsewhere

I then started feeling better and was able to get down some pho regularly and now I am doing great =)

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On 8/30/2019 at 1:02 PM, Trunksan said:

Quirk and the waiting part for Frank E was good, the first part I didn't like, it was anthem after anthem badly mixed.

I was at the market stage/bar with some friends waiting for Koxbox. I rushed down when I started to hear some Quirk tracks. =) There was some confusion from my part who was playing. I think you confirmed that it was actually Quirk playing early instead of Koxbox, haha. No Robotized from what I herd, sad if I missed it. Cognitive Dissidents is always amazing on a dancefloor.  The waiting part was great, I love Fluorostani Transcendance.


On 8/30/2019 at 1:02 PM, Trunksan said:

Did Koxbox play modern tracks the last half hour? Cause I went to change clothes and get some food for Masa Ray and it seemed so from there.

Yeah, he did a few tracks. Magnetic Force and maybe two or three more not from the 90's. Mostly it was the old stuff. I was dead tired at the time, being up dancing since last hour of Psara on Goa Guardians.

Oh, there was a photo taken of the goa constrictor, you and me at your camp. Can you pm it to me or put it here in the thread. I would appreciate that. =)

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