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kvd    1

More then 10 years, LOST IN TIME New Year's party is noted in every bodies mind... Like every two years, we will make a night to remember...

We are inviting you on our new year's eve night...
Please be welcome on this private family gathering....

More information is ahead...
back to the old days, ultimate sound and audio technology....

Do you know what goa is??? place in india, yes, place where the good minds meet each other, yes, place where magic happens.... helll.... yes
heaven.... sounds, people, family, minds....

Uptempo (alphabetical, not by hour)
Bringing the best goa dj's from Belgian toghether in this family new year's gathering....

- Chakras
- Charris (tbc)
- Elfra aka Quandra
- Lugus 
- Moya
- Pacta Laca
- Pavane (tbc)
- Psytek
- Psy-mush
- Spacemushi
- yani (tbc)

- Trala Lama
- Fatcat the Pousse
- Elfra aka Quandra
- Lugus
- Cloudwalker 

many more to be announced / confirmed


many more to be announced / confirmed 


Kaburas Time For Thee
Irish Coffee
Great selection of Belgian Beers

Peace, Love, Unitity, Respect

Party will be from 22H till you know when
please invite you know who

this is a private party...
You will have to buy a presale ticket or send your names to a secret email who will be announced through flyers soon and on this private event shortly before date...

Location is in the far end of west flanders... over Ieper/Poperinge....
More information is soon announced, contact your social network...

Keep small, keep good...

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kvd    1

This private party is 5km from north of france... called "westhoek".... place with a lot of history

here we go lost in time

please send your names to 18to19@lostintime.beyou will receive the location around xmas !!!

there will also be a meeting point for people who don't find the location, this will be in ypres...

Location is in the south of West Flanders, famous for the World War one battles.... really nice location !

Peace, Love, Universe and Respect

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