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I just stumbled upon this on bandcamp, released about 2 week ago, and wow, what an EP (and surprise)!

Double Dragon - Tunage (rare and unreleased)

track list:

1. Shudder 08:33

2. Crunch 07:01

3. Purple Fluffy Thing 09:00

4. Gower 10:24

5. Merge 09:19



A 5-track EP of old material. 

I've been thinking about re-releasing these for a while, and finally got around to it. 

"Shudder" and "Crunch" were on my first 12" release in 1999 on Phantasm Records. 

"Purple Fluffy Thing", also from 1999, was released on "Psychedelic Electronic 2" on Psychic Deli. 

Whilst going through the old DATs I found 2 other tunes from 1995 that were never released. I made these in London, just before I moved to Japan. 

The History : 

Before Psy Trance there was Psychedelic Trance, and before that there was Goa Trance. Before that, there wasn't even a name for this amazing, mysterious music we had discovered. 

The inspiration for "Gower" and "Merge" was dancing all night to what appeared to be sounds beamed directly from outer space in The Return to the Source parties in the Brixton Fridge, and the legendary Pagan nights at Thyssen St. 

Re-mastered from the original DAT tapes, I tried to keep them as close to the original vibe as possible. 

I hope you like them 

Steve Good 
Hokkaido, 2018


released October 14, 2018 

Written and Produced by Steve Good 1995~1999 

© and ℗ Steve Good 2018

Check it out guys!!! :wub:


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