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Ziptnf - Relative Eternity [techno/psytrance/breaks] (5+ hours!)


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My brother is doing a full Ironman Triathlon tomorrow, so I figured I'd match his effort (/s) with a 5 1/2 hour mix.

When I was conceptualizing this mix, I was heavily inspired by Simon Posford (of Shpongle) after he came to my city a few years ago with an army of psychedelic weapons and blitzkrieged the dance floor for 4 hours. His ability to weave a variety of styles in and out of each other was simply astonishing - like he was a swiss-army knife of psytrance. 

Channeling Posford, I have selected a kalaeidoscopic spectrum of flavors spanning several genres, styles, and tempos. I wanted to challenge the listener to interpret a variety of shifts in ideas and emotion - as subjects of mad techno experiments, psytrance, and colorful breaks. If you have followed my catalog over the years, you might notice that I double dipped on some of my favorite tunes in the breaks section :)

Flegma - Sundarbans [TesseracTstudio]
FLIX - Atonalities in Life [Spiral Trax]
Dj Tomsten - Extra deep repaer [Tombstone]
Lampé - Crystal Cave [Digital Diamonds]
Stoertebeker - Robinson Jr. [Digital Diamonds]
A:B:S - Litmus (3ska Remix) [Kiosek]
Daäna - Little Animals (Trilingo Remix) [Digital Diamonds]
Enertia-sound - Broken Robot [Mistique]
Durs - Caravan [Uxmal]
Human Element - Evolving [Iboga]
Acröfen - Nausea (Trilingo Remix) [Digital Diamonds]
Interactive Noise - Rewire (Durs Remix) [Spin Twist]
Karlos Rush - Lisergik Lab [Speedsound]
Jon Bovi - Wad Morld [Madabeats]
Gunslinger - Mystic [Open Flame]
Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Roll Player (Hedflux Remix) [Lowering The Tone]
Sphera - Micro Poetry [Dacru]
Human Element - No Rush [Iono]
DJ Noise - North Star (Sunday Evening Edit) [Voice Noise]
Mervit - 360 Degrees [Power House]
Etherica - Deep Feelings [Sting]
Futura Music - Bealtaine [Furthur Progressions]
Bionik Vokolder - Shiva Tribe [Speedsound]
John 00 Fleming - We Close Doors (One Million Toys Remix) [JOOF]
4000 KROMOS - Chemical Punks [Speedsound]
ManMadeMan - Do You Believe in UFOs? (Cybered Remix) [Fame Game]
Electric Samurai - Samurai X [Speedsound]
Quincy M.E. - Willow (Tekbot Remix) [Ov-silence]
Sonic Entity - De Facto [TesseracTstudio]
Kavalier - Enigma [Global Minds]
Pavel Tkachev - XSyon (Mostafa Gamal Remix) [Unique Sound]
Trima - Sundance [DSR Dance Selection]
Wavelength - Loosing Gravity [Eclipse]
Static Movement - System Overload [Digital Nature]
Roboteknic - Nacologic [Pineapple Digital]
A-Mase - Together (Retroid Remix) [Morphosis]
ReTTriger - Surge [Morphosis]
Tentura & Tony Grand - Pandora (Atrium Sun Remix) [Morphosis]
Monojoke - Surreal Things (Parallax Breaks Remix) [Spring Tube]
Colombo - Buddhism [iBreaks]
Roboteknic - 400mg [Sub Element]
Max Hertzz - Whale Riderz (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot]
Ire - Take Over (Line of Sight Remix) [VIM]
Alter Form - Visionary (Roboteknic Remix) [Rune]
Nanoplex - The Droog (Hedflux Remix) [Iboga]
Jayson Butera - Darkness [Ego Shot]
Tongue & Groove - Fundamental Frequency (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Broken]
MartOpetEr - Homegrown Disaster (Roboteknic Remix) [Divergence]
Retroid & Alter Form - No Way Out [Ego Shot]
Blazer - Spark [VII]
Flack.su - Phoenix (Sergei Orange Remix) [Ego Shot]
Parallax Breakz - Resonance [Utopian]
Isolate - Artilect (Too Dusty Remix) [Sub Element]
Too Dusty - Stardust [Tek]
D-Ranged - Get Shift (Far Too Loud Remix)
Blazer - Venom [VII]
MartOpetEr - Don't Push Me (Unconscious Mind(s) Remix) [VIM]
Pitch Drop - Broken Knows (Frequency Less Remix) [Pistolero]
Charlie Kane - Wired to the Core (Blazer Remix) [VIM]
MartOpetEr & Frequency Less - Conflictive [Neom]
Toefinger & Soulah - Medulla (MartOpetEr Remix) [Broken]
Modulizer - Nasa Agreement (MartOpetEr Remix) [Dirty Drop]
MartOpetEr - Irony (Too Dusty Remix) [Broken Robot]
Mariner - Orca (Retroid Remix) [Sweet Science]
Nelver - Lost Without [Rune]

For some more digestible chunks, I've uploaded it on Soundcloud in 2 parts. The first part quite conveniently wraps the techno/psytrance bit up at exactly the 3 hour mark, and then the last 2.5 hours (part 2) are breaks.


Image source: boxtail

Download the whole thing here: Ziptnf - Relative Eternity (5:33:14) 731MB ~320kbps

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