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Artist: Koan
Title: Serenity Side A
Label: Blue Tunes Chillout
Date: March, 2017

1. Before Fullmoon (Serenity Mix)
2. Ferryman (Serenity Mix)
3. Arousal (Serenity Mix)
4. Appearance (Serenity Mix)
5. Herald (Serenity Mix)
6. Gradual Fall (Serenity Mix)
7. The Catch (Serenity Mix)
8. Overpersuasion
9. Peak Lady (Serenity Mix)
10. Bait
11. Helpless
12. Veiled (Serenity Mix)
13. In the Maze of Diamond Rocks (Serenity Mix)
14. The Light of Sleeping Star (Serenity Mix)
15. Hidden Princess (Serenity Mix)


"I have something for you."

Is it weed? 

Please tell me it's weed?  I could really use some weed right now. 

Yes indeed just gather your girlfriends, spark an owl, and just chill to the uber laid back sounds of the Russian duo Koan.  With this digital release you can just feel the stress of the day evaporate.  This  is my definition of chill.  Slow, relaxed beats with atmospheric pads interspersed with electronic flutterings.  As the title implies, it's all very serene with chopped pads and layered percussion.  The mellowness cannot be overstated and you just might have to scrape yourself off the ceiling.

Blue Tunes Chillout Bandcamp

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