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Dj Inada (Cronomi Records) - Melodic Dance Of The Omicron

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HappyHorse    186

Every few months I delete my "old" mix online and post a new one to keep things fresh :rolleyes:

Here is a new one: a blend of '90's and newer melodic & psychedelic trance.

I hope you can enjoy the journey as much as I did :wub: "Melodic Dance Of The Omicron"

It contains some unreleased Cronomi material... :excl:A big hug and thx to all the artists who make this music ...


-Picture: credit too " Yaro"


1) --INTRO-- CHI-AD - "Astral warrior",
2) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records)- "Lesson 1"  [unreleased],
3) ASTRAL PROJECTION - "Another World",
4) ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - "The Prayer",
5) POWER SOURCE - "Granada",
6) ARTHA (Cronomi Records) - "Antistatic Circle",
7) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Lesson 2" [unreleased],
9) X-DREAM - "The 5th Dimension",
10) --INTERMEZZO-- Chi-ad - "The Ocean Also Dreams",
11) CHI-AD - "Purity",
12) DEEDRAH - "Reload",
13) M-RUN (Cronomi Records) - "Chronos",
14) RED-M - "Deep Dark Doppler Dangler" [unreleased],
15) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Lesson 3" [unreleased],
16) M-RUN (Cronomi Records) - "Zadnji" [unreleased],
17) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Healing Proces",
18) HALLUCINOGEN - "Lsd" - Artha remix [unrelreased],
19) M-RUN (Cronomi Records) - "Trans Our Way",
20) NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) - "Fish".

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